Meet the new contestants competing for the ultimate prize on The Block 2024

A new trailer has teased the newcomers identities.
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The countdown has officially begun for the fan-favourite renovation series, The Block returning in 2024 and now the contestants vying for the top prize have been revealed.

For the very special 20th anniversary season, the beloved renovation show took over Phillip Island in Victoria.

Shelly Craft wears a blue suit with a casual dressed Scotty Cam for the 2023 auction.
Scotty & Shelly return for 2024.

A trailer shared to The Block’s official Instagram page revealed legacy host Scotty Cam and Shelly Craft arrive to an island in style – via helicopter – all the while revealing the identity of the five teams set to compete.

Each team donned specific colours: red, yellow, green, blue and purple, as The Block has done in the past to differentiate the teams.

On the red team is Courtney and Grant; team yellow is Rickey and Haydn; team green is Kylie and Brad; team blue is Jesse and Paige; and finally on team purple is Kristian and Mimi.

Team Green from The Block
Team green, Kylie and Brad. (Credit: Nine)

In 2023, team blue Gian and Steph Ottavio smashed Block-history with a staggering $1.65 million profit for their Japandi-styled home. Could their luck rub off on this year’s blue team?

Unfortunately, nothing else was revealed about the 2024 contestants, but we will be keeping a watchful eye on them!

“I tell ya, this is going to be the greatest one,” Scotty declared in the trailer. “Shell, this year. I’m taking this in a whole new direction.”

Suddenly the trailer takes a different approach, with judge Darren Palmer running down the beach shirtless in Baywatch style.

“This isn’t Love Island,” he laughed.

Team Blue, Jesse and Paige are the new 2024 Block contestants
One of the new teams on The Block, Jesse and Paige. (Credit: Nine)

Darren, clearly returning for the new season, will be joined by Shaynna Blaze with real estate giant Marty Fox who is temporarily filling in for Neale Whitaker – the same arrangement fans watched in 2023 – however, he was not seen in the trailer like the other judges.

“We all hoped that by this year I would be able to return full-time to the show, but life doesn’t always run to schedule. David gets stronger with each passing month, but my decision remains to be at home as much as possible,” Neale expressed on Instagram, sharing the news he wouldn’t be permanently returning in 2024.

Filming for The Block commenced in March 1, however, the premiere date for the 20th season is yet to be confirmed by Channel Nine.

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