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Steph and Gian make Block history with their home selling for $5 million

Buyer Adrian Portelli has special plans for their home.
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After an intense season and an even more nail-biting auction, The Block has named its winner for 2023.

This particular bid was certainly not lacking in the surprise element, as serial bidder Danny Wallis and Adrian Portelli in attendance.

Steph and Gian have made Block-history.

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However, Steph and Gian were crowned the winners of The Block 2023.

The couple’s reserve price was $3.35 million, with the final selling price being $5 million to Adrian – therefore the profit was a staggering $1.65 million. But with the added winner profit of $100,000, the couple will actually be taking home $1.75 million.

“I think our reactions on the couch show we are lost for words. That auction had everything I mean, you know Casey had fainted and we’re glad that she’s okay and then it kind of picked up from there,” Gian revealed to TV WEEK.

“That’s how I felt, I felt like I was going to faint as well…I couldn’t even believe it like at 4 million we were so happy, we thought we started the bidding off for everyone, and then Adrian…” Steph paused in complete disbelief.

“We are lost for words.”

(Image: Nine)

To which Gian finished her sentence: “came in at 5 million and we didn’t expect that like we really didn’t.”

It was a staggering win in 2022 when underdogs Oz and Omar won the largest sum ever over a reserve ever on The Block, with $1,586,666.66 over reserve, plus their $100,000 winners prize.

However, Steph’s and Gian $1.65 million profit plus their winner’s prize means the happy couple have smashed Block history.’

As for what they plan on doing with their winnings, Steph and Gian are already thinking about what’s next.

“We’re always thinking what’s next. That was really dependent on how we went with auction and that’s the scariest part about The Block,” Gian began.

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“I think last year showed everyone that you need to be willing to sacrifice everything and walk away with nothing. We’re just so grateful that Adrienne Portelli saw the value in our house that we saw as well.”

A value that now, Adrian has now full intent of giving away in a competition. The billionaire shared a post to LMCT+ on November 11, confirming he would be giving away the $5 million home.


“The first Block house we will be giving away to one of our customers will be Steph & Gian’s show winning, house number 4 🍾. The house will come fully furnished. (Wine, dog food and clothing not included*).”

Adrian purchased three homes and in the LMCT+ statement, he stated Steph and Gian’s home is “the first Block house” to be given away which means there could be another competition in the future.

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