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The Block 2023: All the highs and lows of auction day

And that's a wrap on The Block 2023! Find out how the teams fared...
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Another season of The Block has officially wrapped, with five beautiful houses going under the hammer in the finale.

Following 13 weeks of fierce competition, The Block 2023 came to a close with a record-breaking finish as Steph and Gian took home a whopping $1.75 million.

There were eye-watering results all around, with some major wins and a few less-than-ideal endings for some couples. Scroll through to read all of the auction results from The Block.

Steph and Gian made $1.75 million on The Block.

House 4: Steph and Gian

First up on the auction block, NSW couple Steph and Gian had a high reserve of $3.35 million. However, they still managed to make major money above the reserve, with their home selling for $5 million.

The home was purchased by Australian Financial Review Rich Lister Adrian Portelli.

The couple walked away with $1.75 million in profit, including their additional $100,000 in prizemoney for placing first.

Eliza and Liberty also walked away with plenty of cash.

House 5: Eliza and Liberty

Following on from such an impressive win was a daunting task for this sister duo. Thankfully, Eliza and Liberty had plenty of interest with three bidders going head to head over their property.

Adrian Portelli bought his second home of the auction, spending an incredible $4.3 million. With their reserve set to $3.25 million, the sisters walked home with $1.05 million in winnings.

Kristy and Brett earned $65,000 on The Block.

House 3: Kristy and Brett

Following two major success stories, Kristy and Brett were excited about their turn on the auction block. However, their auction didn’t quite kick off the way the first two did.

The home sold for $3.035 million against a reserve of $2.97 million. They walked away with $65,000.

Kyle and Leslie walked away with more than $100,000.

House 1: Kyle and Leslie

Adrian Portelli picked up yet another home on The Block, paying $3.1 million for their renovated home. Their reserve was set at $2.97 million, meaning they walked away with $130,000.

Leah and Ash’s home didn’t hit the mark on auction day.

House 2: Leah and Ash

Leah and Ash had high hopes on auction day, but their hearts were crushed when the home failed to sell.

Their reserve was set at $2.97 million, but the home failed to receive any bids above $2.9 million so it was passed in.

Of the auction day results, host Scott Cam said: “It has been a rollercoaster of a day, with ups and downs. We had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We had houses just above the reserves, one passed in, and then $1.65 million for Steph and Gian and over a million for Eliza and Liberty.

“I am very happy for Steph and Gian, I think they played the game beautifully and they deserve it. They stuck to their guns, they held their heads high, and they built a beautiful home.”

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