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Married At First Sight bride Cathy Evans was a bodybuilder back in the day- and she looks unrecognisable

This vivacious Kiwi is one to watch this season!
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This year’s Married At First Sight brides are a strong and confident bunch, but we have to take our hats off to Cathy Evans.

The 26-year-old logistics investigator is set to bring some laughs this season with her bubbly, outgoing personality but she’s also faced her fair share of heartbreak as well. Plus, we’ve found some rather interesting pics from her past.

Cathy is one of the brides to watch this season on MAFS.

(Image: Nine Network)

Originally from New Zealand, Cathy has now based herself in Sydney, but has both Welsh and Thai heritage.

Despite being a logistics investigator by day, she also has her own YouTube channel where she shares her beauty tutorials and her own dating horror stories- and there are a few!

Speaking to TV WEEK, Cathy revealed she thought she would marry a previous boyfriend whom she met on Tinder and dated for more than a year. But then she suffered a “gut-wrenching heartbreak”.

“The last two months of our relationship was essentially a lie,” she explained to the magazine. “He was cheating on me while distracting me with jewellery stores, asking which ring I liked best because he was going to marry me.”

“I learnt that no matter how well I treated my partner, it doesn’t mean they’ll treat you the same,” she added.

Cathy has shared many of her terrible date stories on her YouTube channel.

(Image: Instagram @summertanx)

In a candid chat with Channel Nine, Cathy also confessed that she’d given up a lot of hope in the romance department and that she’d “tried everything” from dating apps like Tinder and Bumble and even getting her friends to set her up on blind dates.

“I can’t get an organic date, and when I say organic I mean someone just coming up to me off the street or approaching me at a bar, because I think I must intimidate some men,” she said.

That said, Cathy’s approach to love and marriage is all about being that person who will be there for her husband, even if she doesn’t have the answers.

“My idea of being the perfect wife is the person he can’t wait to speak to at the end of the day and let everything out and vent and he knows I will listen,” she said.

WATCH BELOW: Married at First Sight‘s Cathy’s Two Minute Speed Date. Post continues after video…

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Cathy regularly posts to Instagram sharing selfies aplenty, but isn’t shy about how much her physical appearance has changed.

Indeed, the 26-year-old has called her breast-enhancement surgery “the best decision” she’s ever made, adding that she “felt so confident afterwards.”

In her younger years, Cathy was also a bodybuilder and still has snaps from her competition days on her social media account. What a bod!

Cathy was a bodybuilder back in the day and took part in competitions.

(Image: Instagram @summertanx)

She’s almost unrecognisable!

(Image: Instagram @summertanx)

As a beauty blogger, Cathy regularly shares her hair and beauty tips and even confessed to Now To Love that she can apply her fake eyelashes faster than putting on mascara.

A natural brunette, Cathy may be blonde now but she’s embraced all colours and cuts from honey balayage extensions through to chocolate brown locks and we have the picture proof.

But despite her glamorous looks and superior makeup skills, the down-to-earth Kiwi can easily knock back a few beers with the boys too. Here’s hoping she restores her faith in love.

We’re loving those chocolate locks.

(Image: Instagram @summertanx)

So young!

(Image: Instagram @summertanx)

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