Hair cut and colour inspiration: The best celebrity hair transformations

Looking for hair inspiration, or a pic to take to your next colour appointment? Take style notes from these celebrities who aren't afraid to mix it up.

With celebrity hairdos ranging from a simple fringe trim à la Chrissy Teigen to a complete colour overhaul by Dannii Minogue, and the surprising trend of the buzzcut (we didn't see this one coming!) we can't get enough of these stars giving us major hair inspiration.
Meanwhile, Zoë Foster Blake makes a case for returning to your roots - revealing a new wash-n'-go haircut that embraces her natural curls.
However, as we all know, a new hair colour and/or cut can mean so much more than a style change-up; as Mel B shows us, a new 'do can signify the beginning of one chapter and the slamming-shut of another...
Take your next cut and colour inspiration from these daring celebs!