Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight fans already have a favourite bride for the 2020 season - and we approve!

Poppy has made one hell of a first impression!

By Erin Doyle
Married At First Sight is about to kick off for another year and we all know what that means - new couples, new weddings and new drama!
And while we love to hate some brides and grooms who feature on the show (Jessika Power, we're looking at you!), others tend to become fan favourites.
By the looks of things, bride-to-be Poppy is swiftly falling into fan-favourite territory.
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Is Poppy about to become the most loved woman in Australia? Image: Channel Nine
In a new teaser dropped by Channel Nine, Poppy tells her story of how she came to sign up for the dating show, which will premiere February 3.
"I've got two-year-old twins and when they were six-weeks old, my husband had a terrible accident…" Poppy begins.
"He tripped and fell into his co-worker's vagina and he's still stuck there!"
While Poppy is able to joke about the heartbreak - which has made fans fall in love with her - the story itself is actually quite gut-wrenching.
"I did not see it coming," Poppy further explains. "I was breastfeeding them on this pillow called My Breast Friend and he came home and said 'I don't love you anymore.'"
She'll be joined on the show by fellow bride Connie, who opened about her loneliness on another MAFS promo.
"I do feel lonely," she confesses. "After a while you just kind of think, what's wrong with me if every single person that I meet doesn't want a bar of me? What am I doing wrong?"
Connie continues: "I don't think I'm ugly but I don't think there's anything striking about me."
But Connie's problems don't stop there. When she tells her mother she's signed up for MAFS, her mum is not impressed.
"I can't stand that show," Connie's mum rages. "This show can be quite manipulating."
She tells her daughter:" I think it's ridiculous and catty. That's everything you're not."
Connie admits she's lonely. Image: Channel Nine
Mishel is set to have a drama-filled wedding. Image: Channel Nine
But does mum have a point? In a different MAFS 2020 promo, the infamous dinner party is teased, with the clip featuring a voice who snipes to an unknown rival "I don't speak unemployed!"
In yet another clip, bride Mishel can be seen storming out of her wedding after discovering her groom had cheated on a previous partner.
There's no doubt things are set to get explosive and we can't wait!
WATCH BELOW: MAFS bride Mishel storms out of her own wedding

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