Married At First Sight

Which Married At First Sight couples from 2019 are actually still together?

Have any of this year's matches made their marriage last in the wilderness?

By Bella Brennan
Let's face it, the success rate of Married At First Sight Australia is abysmal.
Since the show's inception in 2015, we've seen just one couple beat the MAFS curse and stay together.
To date, season two stars Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr are the only surviving couple from the Aussie franchise.
While season one's Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner gave it a pretty good nudge and were long considered the Married At First Sight poster couple after they welcomed their first child, daughter Harper-Rose in November 2016 - and were even talking getting married for real - even their relationship has ended.
Zoe and Alex were together for three years after the show wrapped before announcing they had sadly ended their relationship in April last year.
So, is there any hope for the season six recruits when it seems the odds are against them?
We take a closer look at which Married At First Sight couples from 2019 are actually still together and which brides and grooms have already called it a day...
Erin and Byrce are the only surviving couple from the Aussie franchise. (Image: Channel Nine)

Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson: Definitely still together

You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to be able to figure this one out!
Yep, true love is alive and well for the nation's most adored MAFS couple of the season, Cam and Jules.
Not only have the couple been recently pictured out and about looking very cosy, insiders also reveal they're living together at Jules' apartment in the affluent Sydney suburb of Double Bay, and friends are convinced they've got a little one on the way, too!
Look at those hands! Loved-up couple Cam and Jules let their body language do all the talking. (Image: Channel Nine)
Jules, 36, was seen shopping with Cam in Sydney last week, and couldn't keep her hands off her stomach.
She was also recently spotted at her home with what neighbours described as "a definite baby bump". And she ha been quite open on the show that having babies is a very high priority for her near future.
"I got so lucky – we came in with a similar mindset, we were baring our hearts and souls," Jules told Woman's Day of being matched with her prince charming.
"Our vows and speeches were so similar, I even said to the experts, 'Thank you!' I know he was hand-picked but I feel like he was handmade for me."
Indeed, when the couple dropped by NTL HQ just this week, they could barely keep their hands off each other!
For everything we couldn't print and more, listen to the MAFS Confessional podcast below!

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli: Going strong

With their shared love of pampering and preening, Martha and Michael are one of the stand-out couples from 2019.
A quick glance at their social media accounts and you'll see that these two are still hanging out in the real world months after filming.
Michael and Martha's chemistry is palpable. (Image: Now to Love)
In fact, in an interview on Talking Married this week Martha revealed they have dropped the L bomb, albeit in a rather unconventional way.
"I texted you. I said it in a text. We were in bed and I texted it to you," Martha laughed.
The stunning couple's sizzling chemistry was easy to see when they caught up with NTL this week for an exclusive chat, barely letting go of each other's hands and finishing each other's sentences.
Aww! #TeamMichaelAndMartha
Pucker up: Michael goes in for a mid-interview smooch. (Image: Channel Nine)

Jessika Power and Mick Gould: All signs point to Splitsville

The writing was always on the wall for this mis-matched couple.
Jess is a blonde bombshell who loves a poutie, bikini-clad selfie and a wild night out. Mick is a salt-of-the-earth Aussie bloke who enjoys bottle feeding baby lambs on his farm. What could possibly go wrong?
Well, since their romance hit our airwaves quite a lot actually.
Look away, Mick! Jessika cosies up to Love Island's Eden Dally. (Image: Instagram)
From Mick labelling Jessika as "fame hungry" to Jessika calling out Mick for not sticking up for her, these two just keep on clashing.
And over the weekend, 26-year-old part-time model Jess fuelled speculation she's already broken up with Mike by cuddling up to a very surprising reality TV star from sister show Love Island.
That's right, in a plot twist a MAFS' producer couldn't even dream up, Jess has somehow managed to cross paths with Love Island bad boy Eden Dally.
Joined by her brother Rhyce Power, who is enjoying his own 15 minutes of fame thanks to his appearance on MAFS, the group enjoyed a boozy night out in Melbourne over the weekend.
And if Jess and Eden's VERY cosy Insta posts are anything to go by, the pair definitely hit it off.
Surely you'd only get your flirt on in such a public manner with a fellow reality TV star if you were single...
Who knew these two were mates? Jess' brother Rhyce joined her and Eden on their wild night out. (Image: Instagram)

Mike Gunner and Heidi Latcham: Probably over

These two have certainly had their fair share of run-ins on the show - from Mike's wandering eye to his short attention span, they might work on paper but in reality there seems to be a lot stacked against them.
Unlike some of their co-stars, Mike and Heidi haven't been spotted spending time together since the show has wrapped, except for publicity outings.
WATCH: MAFS 2019: Heidi wants Mike to open up. Story continues after the video...
And interesting, Mike's Instagram posts (which he is probably contractually obliged to share) about the show and his wife are pretty void of any emotion.
The 43-year-old electrician has only shared a handful of pics from his time on the show and instead of writing a detailed caption, he simply tags Heidi. Hmm?
As for their body language when we caught up with them this week, we'll let this photo do the talking...
Keeping to themselves: There were no touchy-feely antics for Heidi and Matt. (Image: Channel Nine)

Lauren Huntriss and Matthew Bennett: Please for the love of God, still be together!

Australia is VERY invested in Lauren and Matthew's love story.
Can you really even blame us after Matt decided to broadcast to the world the moment he lost his virginity?
These two have shared so much of themselves on the show and now have the hopes of the whole nation riding on their romance... no pressure!
But what have their movements been like post filming?
Well, just last week make-up artist Lauren was pictured running errands still wearing her wedding ring, which is hopeful however it could also just be a sneaky decoy.
WATCH: The morning after the night before! Lauren and Matt seal the deal. Story continues after the video...
As for Matt, he spoke glowingly of his TV bride when opening up about losing his virginity with her.
"I took a chance and really opened up to her about the traumatic experience I had and what really led me to closing myself off and having these issues with being intimate and vulnerable," Matthew told TV WEEK.
"She really understood and was compassionate and kind. There was a definite connection there."
And now, fans are rejoicing as it's been revealed the duo are even talking babies.
"I feel like being a dad is the opportunity to help build someone better than me, to pass on the lessons I've learnt and help them become better than I ever could be," Matt told NW this week.
Watch this space!
Matt and Lauren shared an instant bond - but will it last? (Image: Channel Nine)

Sam Ball and Elizabeth Sobinoff: We dare say KAPUT

If Sam ghosting Elizabeth at the very start of the "marriage", plus the recent revelations he cheats on her with co-star Ines Basic is anything to go by, we'd be surprised if these two can even survive a few weeks into the experiment.
Further supporting the speculation the mismatched couple are already over, this week a source told the Daily Mail the tradie walked out of the show just three weeks in after realising he regretted signing up for it.
An insider also told Now to Love Sam did indeed betray his TV bride Lizzie by briefly hooking up with Ines.
"They hooked up and it was against all morals and values of marriage," the insider explained.
While Sam's marriage to Elizabeth was clearly doomed from day dot, it looks like the buff 26-year-old has since moved on and is rumoured to be dating a regular civilian from the outside world called Akila Ahmunett.
Doing little to hide their blossoming romance, the new couple have reportedly posted loved-up selfies on Instagram Stories and are officially "in a relationship" on Facebook.
So much for keeping up the illusion he's might still be married!
Flying solo: Lizzie was left high and dry at the first dinner party. (Image: Channel Nine)

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