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EXCLUSIVE: Married at First Sight's Martha gets caught out smoking with ex-boyfriend

Puff, puff, pass...

By NW team
With rumours rife that her relationship with MAFS hubby Michael Brunelli has gone to pot, is Martha Kalifatidis drowning her sorrows by turning to the green stuff herself?
The 30-year-old was spotted smoking a suspicious-looking cigarette in Sydney on March 16.
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But that wasn't the only thing that had us doing a double-take, as the brunette beauty was joined by her ex Arthur Manidis.
Meanwhile, school teacher Michael was nowhere in sight!
"They seemed comfortable and relaxed in each other's presence," an onlooker shared of Arthur and Martha (couple name cuteness, or what?!), with the reality contestant clad only in a black bra as she puffed away on the balcony.
"That could've been their shared history, or whatever they were smoking!"
Photos have emerged of Martha with her ex-boyfriend. (Source: Diimex)
Martha's ex-boyfriend, Arthur Manidis, smoking. (Source: Diimex)
The pair appeared to take turns inhaling the cigarette, then moved on to a nearby beach where they lit up another.
Martha's rendezvous with her ex isn't the only thing that's gone up in smoke, with talk rampant that her and her on-screen hubby are no longer together and are in a showmance for the sake of promoting the reality show.
"They're totally over," one fan speculated.
"Just putting it on to stay relevant," shared another.
Gotcha! Martha and Arthur deep in conversation. (Source: Diimex)
Chilling by the ocean. (Source: Diimex)
These new snaps of Martha and her ex Arthur only seem to fuel talk of a split, with the former couple doing little to dismiss the rumours by hanging out with each other for the rest of the weekend as well!
The pair were spotted grabbing a bottle of wine in Bondi, before heading out to dinner the day after their beach-side smoke sesh.
So there's no chance of, er, hashing things out with Michael then, Martha?!

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