Married At First Sight

Cam and Jules' history making moment on Married at First Sight

''Jules, to me you are nothing short of perfect. And one thing I do know, fate brought us together and for this I am so forever grateful.''

By Anita Lyons
It's been two months since we met our beloved couples on Married at First Sight and since then we've seen plenty of tantrums, tears and drama.
But for one couple, Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson, the experiment has been has been nothing short of a fairy tale.
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From the most romantic first dance in MAFS history to their shared "I Love You's", and to Cam admitting that Jules was "the one" -it's safe to say that cupid has sent his magical arrow straight through their hearts … and let's face it, the heart of the nation.
So when it was time to make their final commitment to one another on Sunday's episode, it was no surprise that, as predicted, Cam got down on one knee and proposed to Jules - making Australian MAFS history as the first ever "real" proposal of the series.
Find someone who looks at you the way Cam looks at Jules. (Source: Channel 9)
During the episode, Cam was filled with doubt about whether proposing was the right decision.
Could they make it work outside the experiment? Was it too soon?
"It is a big decision," Cam says. "Certainly given me some perspective on our relationship, and also me.
"I am nervous about my vows. My heart knows what it wants, but I've gotta listen to my head as well."
"I am nervous about my vows," Cam says. (Channel 9)
Elsewhere, Jules is also contemplating their future. But one thing is for sure, she is ready.
"I'd love Cam to propose to me," she says. "I waited a really long time to meet this person, and I don't want to waste any more time."
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Once they meet for their final commitment to one another, Jules is ready to commit to her man wholeheartedly.
But it's Cam's vows and ultimate proposal that has us swooning.
Jules was all of us during the proposal! (Source: Channel 9)
Read the vows in full below:
"Jules, when our eyes first met and I saw you and I saw your beautiful smiling face walking towards me, even my wildest expectations were blown away.
"Throughout the experiment, you're incredible, beautiful, nurturing, humorous, competitive ways, allowed us to break through barriers and jump through hurdles together, creating a bond so strong that virtually nothing could break us.
"Jules, you've helped me to love, to express my emotions more than ever before - you've changed me into a man that I'm so much more prouder to be, a person that I feel confident to give solely to you and you only.
Just look at his face! (Source: Channel 9)
"But I fear that when we leave this experiment, our safe bubble - it will be challenged, as both individuals and couples more than we ever could imagine.
"But with you, I know we can get through everything. Every single one of them. And come out with more love than we could ever imagine.
"Jules, to me you are nothing short of perfect. And one thing I do know, fate brought us together and for this I am so forever grateful.
"Jules, I'm happy that I took this chance with you and I honestly can't imagine a day in my life without you.
"Jules, to me you are nothing short of perfect." SWOON! (Source: Channel 9)
"So today, this isn't just about remaining just as we are and committing to you beyond today. But it's about giving us the moment that we missed coming into this experiment.
"So this might be a little bit backwards.
"You make me so happy, Jules, will you marry … will you marry me?"
Cam on one knee had everyone cheering. (Source: Channel 9)
Jules' response?
"Yes! Of course I will!" she says. "Of course I'll stay married to you forever!"
"Of course I'll stay married to you forever!" (Source: Channel 9)
Look at that rock! (Source: Channel 9)
Congratulations to the happy couple!
Now let's plan a wedding…again!

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