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She's back! Elizabeth Sobinoff is returning to MAFS in 2020 as an intruder

Oh. My. God.

Married At First Sight bride Elizabeth Sobinoff was one of the breakout stars of Channel Nine's hit reality TV show earlier this year, and now it's been revealed the 28-year-old will be returning to the show in 2020 - as an intruder!
Channel Nine confirmed MAFS would be returning to our screens this year during their upfronts last week, with media getting a sneak-peek at the brand new contestants, though Lizzie's appearance was definitely kept under wraps.
But now, a source has told Woman's Day Lizzie was seen arriving on set this week, appearing at a dinner already "married" and accompanied by her "groom".
Our source tells us Nine is halfway through filming the show and is certain Lizzie arrives as one of the intruders this season.
The source also hinted that Lizzie may not be the only previous contestant to returns as an intruder.
And MAFS golden couple Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant are set to return as well, but this time as mentors, similar to how Matty J and Laura Byrne made an "All Stars" cameo on this year's season of The Bachelor, to offer guidance and support to the new contestants.
Lizzie is coming back to MAFS next year! Getty
It appears as though Lizzie is trying her luck at finding love on reality TV again, after her disastrous pairing with "groom" Sam Ball this year.
The pair famously butted heads from the get-go, when Sam referred to Lizzie as a "big" girl and joked that he would soon get her "running", so she could lose weight.
Then, Sam had an "affair" with controversial MAFS bride Ines Basic, booting Lizzie off the show.
Lizzie showed off her incredible weight loss transformation on Instagram this week. Instagram
But it seems since filming wrapped, Lizzie has been undergoing her own little transformation.
She's unveiled her incredible new weight loss, as well as her new brown 'do, and in April Lizzie revealed she had rekindled a romance with an ex-partner.
"There is someone I'm testing the waters with but you never know," she told the Daily Telegraph.
"He's an ex. There's always (been) a soft spot there."
It seems as though that romance has now fizzled, judging by Lizzie's desire to return to reality TV to find love.
WATCH BELOW: The passionate speech that turned Lizzie Sobinoff into an unlikely feminist hero. Story continues after video.
So, what can we expect from Lizzie's return to MAFS? Well, she certainly won't sit idly by and watch the drama unfold.
Last season, Lizzie had women around the country cheering when she made a passionate speech criticising her groom Sam's misogynistic behaviour, when he criticised her weight.
"What is he setting the tone for all of the girls out there," Lizzie said.
"You're not worthy enough if you're not a size 6 or below, you're not worthy enough. You don't deserve the time of day. You don't deserve any of that.
"I am just appalled that he would just make it so free to comment on a woman's weight. That to me is despicable and disgusting.
"As women, it's a hard enough time in this life, OK. It's is a hard enough time.
"We get so much thrown at us. We have men sitting there going, 'Well yeah, you have to be this way, you have to look that way', otherwise, you know – I don't want a bar of it.
"We are expected to look a certain way because of men like that."
We cannot wait for 2020!

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