Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's shock partner swap: Are Lauren and Mick together?

They certainly seem smitten with one another…

By TV Week team
Married At First Sight is known for many things: lab-coat wearing 'love experts', dramatic dinner parties, and, of course, partner swapping!
In 2018 the series saw not one, but two different couples 'swap' their partner for someone else at some point during the experiment. Sean and Tracey wound up together, after her husband Dean had a botched affair with Ryan's wife Davina. Meanwhile, Carly and Troy coupled up together after being left by their own partners Justin and Ashley.
We are just two weeks in to the new season of MAFS, but it already looks like we may have a happy 'swapped' couple on our hands with adventurous Lauren and country boy Mick.
Are Lauren and Mick an item?
Lauren's relationship with Matthew is seemingly over, as they head to the next commitment ceremony on shaky ground.
During the dinner party, which aired on TV last night, Matthew told the men he wasn't attracted to Lauren any more, after finding out about her sexually adventurous past.
A devastated Lauren told the cameras "I don't ask for much. I just ask for someone to love me."
Could that someone be hilarious larrikin Mick? He's currently paired with Jessika, and the duo do seem to be going from strength to strength on the series. However, she is rumoured to be dating someone else now.
Though they're still paired up with others on the show, Lauren and Mick have been all over each other's Instagram accounts sharing flirty messages and private jokes (something to do with pizza??? We want in on the joke, to be honest).
Just this afternoon Lauren commented "wish I was there" on Mick's Instagram post about his farm.
Take a look at some of their cute exchanges...
"Wish I was there," Lauren writes.
Mick made the private pizza joke about Lauren's awkward conversation with Matthew...
...And again on another post about her wedding!
Lauren tagged her friend on this post, calling Mick a 'LAD' and saying "I can't deal."
Mick left a long-winded comment on Lauren's post about her wedding, which she clearly enjoyed.
Lauren describes Mick as a "stud" on his wedding day.
At this point in time with the show still on the air, a spokesperson for Nine has denied the pairing. However we'll be keeping a close eye on these two.
After seeing Lauren's heart get broken in last night's gut-wrenching episode, we actually ship this couple!
Married At First Sight continues Sunday, 7pm, on Nine.

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