Married At First Sight

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Melissa’s beach date with mystery man

Hey Mel, that’s not Dino!

While things have been more fizzle than sizzle with her husband Dino, there was chemistry between Melissa and a mystery man during a beach outing.
In photos exclusively obtained by Woman's Day, Mel – who recently revealed on the show that she hasn't had sex since New Year's Eve 2009 – had no issue getting cosy with the hunky male.
At one point, she even undid her bikini top so he could apply sunscreen to her back!
"We recognised her straight away. They seemed very affectionate with one another," spills a fellow beachgoer.
Mel was in great spirits during her beach day out. (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)
Slip, slop slap! The hunky male lathered Melissa up in suncream. (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)
During Mel's flirty beach day out with her hunky mystery man, the tactile pair held hands as they made their way into the water.
MAFS bride Mel looked stunning in a polka-dot two-piece bikini.
Opening up about her infamous dry spell, Mel has mused that it she was quite good in bed.
"They seemed very affectionate with one another." (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)
The 38-year-old looked sensational in a polka-dot bikini. (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)
The quirky bride hasn't been shy to admit she can't find a sexual spark with Dino. (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)
"I was very good at it, I am not going to lie," she told The Daily Telegraph's Sydney Confidential column.
"And so this is the thing, it is actually upsetting that something I am talented at, I have not done. It is like an Olympian not doing their sport."
WATCH: Melissa says she hasn't had sex since 2009. Post continues after the video...
The pair held hands as they made their way to the water. (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)
Soaking up the sun, Mel's companion was beaming. (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)
Quirky bride Mel, 38, has admitted she's struggled to find a spark with Dino, 35.
Could this be a sign that they might be the next couple to bite the dust?
Look away, Dino! (Image: Channel Nine)

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