Cringe at first sight! The WORST MAFS fashion moments

Are they being trolled by the Channel Nine wardrobe department?

By Bella Brennan
Whether you love it or loathe it, dissecting Married At First Sight has become the nation's favourite pastime.
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From Sam and Ines' scandalous affair, Virgin Matt's new girlfriend, to the epic editing fails, our appetite for all things MAFS is insatiable.
But behind the partner-swapping escapades and drama-grabbing headlines lies another very serious issue we really need to discuss...
And that's the god awful fashion many of the cast members have fallen victim to.
Considering this mammoth show is the network's cash cow and raking in millions of lucrative advertising dollars thanks to sky-rocketing ratings, it doesn't look like much moola has been set aside for the wardrobe department!
Keep scrolling as we round up the worst MAFS fashion from season six

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