Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight: The internet is losing it over Martha's pink cowgirl hat

Talk about Gold Coast chic!

By Alex Lilly
We interrupt your day to talk about a very important Married At First Sight headpiece.
Forget the showdown between Lizzie and Ines at the first girls' night, it seems like the hot topic of Tuesday night's episode was Martha's hot pink cowboy hat. And people definitely had some thoughts.
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Ummm...what? (Image: Channel Nine)
As all the drama unfurled between Lizzie and Ines, viewers couldn't help but notice the hot pink pimp hat that Martha chose to wear for her night on the town.
In fact at one stage of the night, it was the number one trending topic on Twitter.
"Martha has successfully created a new line of fashion called "Barbie - Dundee chic" #thatsnotahat #thisisahat #martha #MAFS," one viewer penned.
"I though it was hens night right? Because of hat Martha is wearing #MAFS #MAFSAU," wrote another.
"Good to see Martha is taking sun safety seriously #MAFS," another joked.
Others had a more supportive approach with one saying, "Only someone as beautiful as Martha can rock this hat. If I went to work in this hat tomorrow the police would rock up at my desk to do a welfare check on me."
And the quality tweets just kept on rolling in.
Whether you loved or hated it, people are a tad confused as to why 30 year-old Martha, who's usually the epitome of style chose to wear such an accessory.
But some MAFS detectives have jumped on the case and figured out why it could be.
Fan account @mafsfunny shared a post hinting that a scene was left out in the edit suite where Martha explained she would dress up as Pamela Anderson for the wild girls' night.
"Think a scene may have been cut which would have explained this and stopped the whole of Australia asking wtf," it read.
Aha! So it was a costume! (Image: Instagram @mafsfunny)
It seems like Martha's hat is the biggest drama in her life now, she and husband Michael are so loved up it hurts and along with Jules and Cam, are one of this season's cutest couples.
In fact, they confess it was hard for them not to compare themselves against the rest of the group.
"Every time a couple came in, I was like 'Yes, yes, yes, we're cuter than that!'" Martha previously recalled to Now To Love when talking about the very first dinner party.
"Are they holding hands, are they walking close to each other?" Michael added. "Do they even like each other?"
"I feel like that dinner party brought us even closer together because after we left, we were like 'we really like each other', we're getting along here!" Martha said.
WATCH BELOW: Michael and Martha talk about meeting the other couples.