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Which Married At First Sight couples from 2019 are actually still together?

Have any of last season's matches made their marriage last in the wilderness?
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Let’s face it, the success rate of Married At First Sight Australia is abysmal.

Since the show’s inception in 2015, we’ve seen just three couples beat the MAFS curse and stay together.

For a long time, only season two stars Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr were the only surviving couple from the Aussie franchise.

While season one’s Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner gave it a pretty good nudge and were long considered the Married At First Sight poster couple after they welcomed their first child, daughter Harper-Rose in November 2016 – and were even talking getting married for real – even their relationship has ended.

Zoe and Alex were together for three years after the show wrapped before announcing they had sadly ended their relationship in April last year.

So, is there any hope for the season six recruits when it seems the odds are against them?

We take a closer look at which Married At First Sight couples from 2019 are actually still together and which brides and grooms have already called it a day…

Erin and Byrce are the only surviving couple from the Aussie franchise. (Image: Channel Nine)

Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson: They got married… AGAIN!

Sure, 2019’s MAFS may have been all about wife-swapping and cheating but in the sea of scandals, Cam and Jules have been the the shining lights in this bizarre experiment.

During their final vows, they took their reality romance to the next level with Cam dropping a knee and asking Jules to marry him in real life.

“Jules, when our eyes first met and I saw you and I saw your beautiful smiling face walking towards me, even my wildest expectations were blown away. Throughout the experiment, you’re incredible, beautiful, nurturing, humorous, competitive ways, allowed us to break through barriers and jump through hurdles together, creating a bond so strong that virtually nothing could break us,” he explained in an emotional final commitment ceremony.

“Jules, you’ve helped me to love, to express my emotions more than ever before – you’ve changed me into a man that I’m so much more prouder to be, a person that I feel confident to give solely to you and you only.”

Cam made MAFS history when he proposed to Jules during their final vows. (Image: Channel Nine)

“Jules, I’m happy that I took this chance with you and I honestly can’t imagine a day in my life without you. So today, this isn’t just about remaining just as we are and committing to you beyond today. But it’s about giving us the moment that we missed coming into this experiment.”

“So this might be a little bit backwards. You make me so happy, Jules, will you marry me?”

See? True love is alive and well in MAFS land.

The couple controversially tied the knot on a special episode of A Current Affair and have done little to quell whispers they may be expecting a mini-MAFS baby with Jules being pictured with a possible bump on several occasions.

WATCH: Cam proposes to Jules. Post continues after the video…

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Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli: Going surprisingly strong

With their shared love of pampering and preening, Martha and Michael are one of the stand-out couples from the 2019 series.

And while they committed to stay together during their final vows, there were some worrying signs they may be about to call things quits.

From Martha’s vanishing wedding ring to those photos of the Kim K lookalike hooking up with her MAFS gal pal Ines, we really hope these two can beat the MAFS curse.

Martha was later pictured hanging out with an ex-boyfriend and had been romantically linked to co-star Sam Ball, while Michael updated his hometown on Facebook to Melbourne – so we guess he isn’t moving to Sydney to be with Martha anytime soon.

Michael and Martha’s chemistry is palpable but can they make it last in the real world? (Image: Now to Love)

In a more positive sign things could last, the stunning couple’s sizzling chemistry was easy to see when they caught up with NTL for an exclusive chat last month, barely letting go of each other’s hands and finishing each other’s sentences.

They also spoke to Now To Love at the TV WEEK Logies in July, admitting they were more surprised than anyone that they’re still together.

“We’re more surprised [that we’re still together] than the rest of you guys to be honest!” Martha laughed, with Michael adding: “We just didn’t put any pressure on each other, we just let it grow naturally. We complement each other really well.”

Aww! #TeamMichaelAndMartha

WATCH: The cute couple play Mr and Mrs. Post continues after the video…

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Pucker up: Michael goes in for a mid-interview smooch. (Image: Channel Nine)

Jessika Power and Mick Gould: We’ve reached Destination Splitsville

The writing was always on the wall for this mis-matched couple.

Jess is a blonde bombshell who loves a poutie, bikini-clad selfie and a wild night out. Mick is a salt-of-the-earth Aussie bloke who enjoys bottle feeding baby lambs on his farm. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, since their romance hit our airwaves quite a lot actually.

From Mick labelling Jessika as “fame hungry” to Jessika calling out Mick for not sticking up for her and slagging off her family behind her back, these two just kept on clashing.

FreeMick: After weeks of being held captive by Jess, the larrikin farmer was finally told the true reason behind her wanting to stay. (Image: Channel Nine)

But it was her explosive affair with intruder groom Dan that turned put the nail in the coffin that is her marriage with Mick. In a MAFS first, the blonde bombshell struck up a romance with the Gold Coast dad and after weeks of sneaky affairs and holding Mick hostage so she could peruse things with Dan, the two were allowed to remain in the experiment as a new couple.

As for Mick, fans are convinced he’s since found love with MAFS co-star Lauren, who was initially matched with “Virgin Matt” after the pair left behind a string of flirty comments on social media.

Though he’s also been linked to Dan’s ex-wife Tamara, and the two were even spotted in Melbourne packing on the PDA at Tamara’s 30th birthday, setting the rumour mill wild.

“I wish I was paired with Tamara,” he admitted to TV WEEK, before making a swipe at his on-screen bride. “Great chick – and real!”

WATCH: Jess and Dan hook-up at the dinner party. Post continues after the video…

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Jessika Power and Dan Webb: Ended in flames

Where do we even begin with these two?

Australia’s most unapologetic villains, who hooked up behind their respective spouses backs, were doomed from the get-go.

But despite the intense backlash from their co-stars and viewers alike, the defiant pair made a vow to stay together during their final commitment ceremony.

Not surprisingly, their rocky romance soon came crashing down in flames after both Jess and Dan were plagued with explosive cheating claims and a painfully awkward appearance on Talking Married when they came to blows over the video of Jess hitting on Nic.

Single father Dan confirmed he’d dumped Jess on Friday, April 12th in a tell-all interview with Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Me and Jess have split, let’s get that straight. We have broken up,” Dan explained in a teary video interview.

“There’s allegations coming out that we’re still together. She’s saying we’re still together. We are not together.”

“There’s no way I am going to be dating that girl after the rumours and the stuff that’s been sent to me over the past 24 to 48 hours.”

In fact, Dan also admitted he was suspicious of Jess and season five MAFS groom Telv Williams.

“Last weekend, we had an event with Nova on the Thursday and I had to fly back to the Gold Coast because I had family obligations. Telv said something then [on the] Friday she was in Melbourne doing an event and he was in Melbourne and she was trying to screw him that night as well,” Dan told the outlet.

Exclusive images obtained by Woman’s Day show the aspiring Instagram model and Telv looking very cosy in their home town of Perth in December last year.

They were the most-hated couple and now, Dan has finally dumped Jess. (Image: Channel Nine)

Mike Gunner and Heidi Latcham: CONFIRMED split

These two have certainly had their fair share of run-ins on the show – from Mike’s wandering eye, his short attention span, to their fiery dynamic – there was always A LOT stacked against them.

And on the post-finale reunion special, Mike and Heidi finally confirmed what we long suspected – they’d officially broken up and ended their toxic romance.

“Right after the final vows, Heidi and I went back to the Gold Coast together but it didn’t take long and the wheels started coming off,” Mike explained.

“We got to the end and we got to the final vows and we told each other that we loved each other, I moved everything to the Gold Coast and then it just went to s—t. It was great for like two days and then it just went to s—t. And then I haven’t spoken to him since,” Heidi added.

Indeed, the clues had been stacking for quite some time and it didn’t take a detective to figure out they’d called things off shortly after their final vows.

Unlike many of their co-stars, Mike and Heidi were never spotted spending time together after the show wrapped, save for a few awkward publicity outings.

WATCH: Heidi and Mike our Married At First thought game. Story continues after the video…

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Their Instagram posts, which they are probably contractually obliged to share, were void of any emotion. They’d only shared a handful of pics from their time on the show and instead of writing a detailed captions, they simply tag each other and the show.

The morning after their vows were aired on TV, Mike conducted a solo interview on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O without his wife which sent the rumourmill into overdrive.

Plus, Mike’s reportedly quickly moved on from blonde bombshell Heidi with new squeeze Casey Stewart, 26.

“Mike and Casey have been spending a lot of time together and she stays at his place on the Gold Coast a lot,” a source revealed.

“They’re planning to go public after the show, once Mike’s commitments finish.”

As for their body language when we caught up with them last February, we’ll let this photo do the talking…

Keeping to themselves: There were no touchy-feely antics for Heidi and Matt. (Image: Channel Nine)

Lauren Huntriss and Matthew Bennett: All over red rover

Australia was VERY invested in Lauren and Matthew’s love story.

Can you really even blame us after Matt decided to broadcast to the world the moment he lost his virginity?

WATCH: Matt introduces the world to his new girlfriend. Story continues after the video…

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These two shared so much of themselves on the show and had the hopes of the whole nation riding on their romance… no pressure!

Sadly in the end, they became the first couple from season six to call it quits after Matt brutally revealed he wasn’t attracted to Loz. Ouch.

Since filming wrapped, film editor Matt has found love with a lovely lady called Annabelle who he met at his wrestling club – go figure!

Matt and Lauren shared an instant bond but it failed to last. (Image: Channel Nine)

Sam Ball and Elizabeth Sobinoff: KAPUT

These two were doomed from the start and finally called it a day just three weeks into the experiment after they were plagued by Sam’s wandering eye for fellow bride, Ines Basic.

Since their explosive split, Sam was rumoured to be dating Akila Ahmunett however it seems their romance has since soured.

Despite her shocking experience on the show, Lizzie says she has no regrets.

“I’m very secure in myself,” the 27-year-old told TV WEEK.

“I can’t speak on behalf of others, but I’m very content I gave it my all.”

And with LIzzie officially signing up for another shot at love on Married At First Sight, here’s hoping she gets gifted a better match in the 2020 season.

Were Sam and Lizzie the worst-matched pair of the season? (Image: Channel Nine)

Ines Basic and Bronson Norrish: Dead as a doorknob

This shockingly-matched pair imploded quicker than you could say “snack.”

And while Ines left the experiment solo, despite asking Sam to pursue things on the outside world with her, it seems her TV hubby Bronson has found his happily ever after!

Bronson appeared in a loved-up Instagram snap with his rumoured new flame, pole dancer Melissa Dobson.

“Worth the wait,” Melissa penned alongside a close-up snap with Bronson.

Interestingly the candid pic was quickly deleted but eagle-eyed fans had already screen-grabbed it before it vanished.

“He’s known Mel for years and there’s always been a slight spark between them. Once he returned to Perth after filming MAFS they reconnected and started dating,” an insider told the Daily Mail.

Mel later confirmed to the outlet that Bronson had tracked her down years after she was his “high school crush”.

“It was 17 years since we last seen each other. We caught up and had a connection straight away and spoke about the old days,” she gushed.

“Every time we caught up, there was more and more we learnt about each other that we had in common. From there he swept me off my feet.”

Ines and Bronson proved to be one of the most disastrous pairings in the show’s history. (Image: Channel Nine)

Melissa Lucarelli and Dino Hira: Reached their expiry date

Let’s face it, things have been more fizzle than sizzle for these two and we weren’t surprised when they became the third couple to bow out of the experiment.

While they struggled to find a sexual spark, Mel had no issue flirting up a storm with a handsome mystery man on a beach date recently.

The quirky bride hasn’t been shy to admit she couldn’t find a sexual spark with Dino. (Image: Channel Nine)

In photos exclusively obtained by Woman’s Day, the talent agent happily held hands with her male companion as they made their way into the water.

Meanwhile Dino has wasted no time enjoying the single life and has been pictured cuddling up to a bevvy of babes during a boat party with co-star Bronson Norrish.

Look away, Mel! Dino and Bronson with some mystery ladies. (Image: Facebook)

Cyrell Jimenez and Nic Jovanovic: Finito

If there was an award for the couple who fought the most on the show, it would have to go to Cyrell and Nic.

When Cyrell dropped by the Woman’s Day’s MAFS Confessional podcast she all but confirmed her single status when she revealed she “probably won’t be dating for a while” following her experience on the show.

Then lo and behold, they finally called it quits on the show just a few weeks later.

While Nic has not gone public with any new romances recently, it’s a completely different story for Cyrell. She struck up a romance with Love Island runner-up Eden Dally and the pair are now expecting a baby together. Although they too have called time on their relationship, Eden and Cyrell appear to keeping their relationship amicable and plan to co-parent together.

WATCH: Cyrell describes Nic as her enemy. Post continues after the video…

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Ning Surasiang and Mark Scrivens: RIP

They were the ultimate MAFS underdogs we so badly wanted to work.

And despite all their issues, there was always a glimmer of hope for Ning and Mark.

But during their finale episode, it all came crashing down during their final vows with Mark delivering the mother of all blows and officially calling it off with the hairdresser.

To say Ning was absolutely blind-sided by Mark’s decision would be an understatement.

Not only was she shocked, she was livid.

“Just stop. This is bulls—t,” Ning fumed as Mark tried to explain his decision, before she stormed away from the personal trainer.

But now that the dust has settled on that explosive moment, which was filmed in December 2018, the pair have revealed they’ve both had time to heal and are now on friendly terms and text often.

Ning was gutted by Mark’s decision to end things. (Image: Channel Nine)

Daniel Webb and Tamara Joy: Done and dusted

It’s goodbye Tam and hello Jess!

While Dan enjoyed his romance with Jessika, Tamara has been linked to Jess’s former hubby Mick.

Opening up about her ex-husband’s wandering eye, Tamara told Woman’s Day she was disgusted by Jess and Dan’s behaviour.

“I just think that’s really wrong and it does not align with my morals or character,” she said.

“Don’t stick around and string your husband along just so you can make eyes with other husbands or touch other husbands under the table. Wait until you get outside. It’s just something that I feel very strongly about – I’m a loyal person, I have morals,” she added of Jess.

Another switcheroo: Dan is now shacked up with MAFS bride Jess. (Image: Channel Nine)

Susie Bradley and Billy Vincent: As if these two would’ve lasted

Just when you thought Ines Basic was bad news, along came Susie Bradley.

The single mother-of-one had only been on the show for a hot minute before she caused enough drama to last a lifetime – from making Billy cry over his supposed lying to the condescending way she refers to him as “darling.”

Despite whispers both Billy and Susie were paid actors, that toxic pairing ended pretty soon after they entered the experiment.

While Billy seems to be flying solo, Susie has been in an on-again off-again romance with NRL bad boy Todd Carney so we’ll just leave that there!

Chalk and cheese: Watching Susie and Billy’s marriage unravel was painful to say the least. (Image: Channel Nine)

Overall verdict: 2 remaining couples from the season

With 12 couples originally matched, including the intruders, at the end of this season we’ve been left with just two standing pairs: Jules and Cam and Martha and Michael.

According to our MAFS maths, that’s a conversion of a 15% success rate for season six.

Whether or not they’ll be able to defy the abysmal MAFS success rate remains to be seen, but we’ll be watching every step of the way!

Australia, after what feels like a million weeks of watching MAFS, these were your last-remaining couples before Jess and Dan broke it off just a week after the finale aired. Ain’t love grand? (Images: Channel Nine)

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