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Why Married At First Sight’s Natasha and Mikey didn’t attend the third dinner party

There's been a lot of behind-the-scenes drama this season.
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The third Married At First Sight dinner of the season reached boiling point when Michael and Hayley’s secret affair was brought to the group’s attention.

Between Stacey’s accusations, Hayley’s tears and David’s toothbrush torment, we saw more fireworks than a New Year’s Eve display. However, there was one couple who missed out on the action.

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Mikey and wife Natasha were noticeably absent from the dinner party.

(Image: Nine Network)

Natasha and Mikey, who after last week’s drama of the 10-second consummation of their marriage, opted to skip the dinner party in a bid to salvage their relationship.

“Mikey and I have decided it’s best for us right now to not go to the dinner party tonight,” Natasha told the camera, adding, “We’re so fragile and we’ve just started to fix things.”

“We know how important those dinner parties are to the experiment, but it’s imperative for our relationship to avoid the drama and avoid all the things that go with that dinner party and just concentrate on us before we decide what we’re going to do moving forward,” Mikey added.

“This week’s for our marriage, and the best thing that we can do right now is focus on ourselves, focus on our relationship and just remove ourselves from the drama.”

“We’re so fragile and we’ve just started to fix things.”

(Image: Nine Network)

But was that really the reason why the couple chose to skip the proceedings?

Numerous sources have revealed that there was “a lot of drama and turmoil behind the scenes,” this season with six of the 10 couples leaving or threatening to quit.

“Producers are scrambling to both prop up the remaining couples and try to persuade the couples whose relationships are hanging by a thread to stay,” a source told OK!

WATCH BELOW: David awkwardly rejects Hayley’s advances at the dinner party. Post continues after video…

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On top of that, an insider told Woman’s Day that the production team were so concerned for Natasha’s mental wellbeing that the financial analyst was banned from filming.

“It all got too much for her – she wasn’t coping in the experiment and with what was going down between certain contestants. It was decided she shouldn’t be on camera,” they revealed.

According to the source, production kept Natasha in her apartment.

“During filming, producers organised a girls’ night out for all the brides to catch up over drinks. It was supposed to be something fun, following weeks of drama. But Natasha wasn’t allowed to attend. She was told she wouldn’t be needed on set,” the source said.

“It honestly made her more anxious, but they felt it was best for her.”

Natasha sits in her apartment ahead of the dinner party.

(Image: Nine Network)

As if that weren’t enough, Mikey’s name has been dragged into the mix as rumours of an affair between himself and Stacey have arisen.

However, Stacey herself shut down the claims in a video message, slamming Mikey in the process.

“Mikey is not a nice person, he’s not,” she says in the video.

“I now have to deal with the backlash that this has caused me. My children don’t need to hear these fabricated rumours about me, it’s disgusting. If it was true I would stand up and say ‘Yes I did it because my husband was out cheating on me every weekend so I had every right to just move on,’ but I didn’t.”

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