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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Mikey unleashes on his “high maintenance” bride Natasha

“She’s too much!”

By Helen Vnuk
It's pretty clear Mikey decided his marriage was over at the second Married At First Sight dinner party. That was when his wife Natasha "went up to someone I didn't get on with and started talking about our sexual experiences", he says.
But for Mikey, it wasn't just what Natasha said to Michael behind his back. It was what other people said to him afterwards.
Mikey says he never had chemistry with Natasha. (Image: Nine Network)
"Everyone came up to me and basically confirmed all the things I've said: she's high-maintenance, overbearing and too sexual," Mikey, 29, tells TV WEEK. "They really threw her under the bus."
The troubles in Mikey and Natasha's relationship started long before that dinner party.
"I really believe in chemistry," Mikey explains, "and I never had that with Natasha."
In real life, he says, he would have walked away. Instead, he "consummated the marriage a few times", even though he wasn't feeling it. That's where the leg cramp Natasha mentioned comes into it.
"One time, I pretended I had a cramp and went, 'I need a break.' If I'm not into it, I don't want to be in that situation."
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Mikey, who helps run his family's Sydney nursing home, says he asked to be paired with a girl who had a "natural" look.
Because Natasha was so clearly not his type, he wondered if there was going to be a twist.
"I thought, 'Is this one of those things where they put your partner – someone you're actually compatible with – with someone else to create the drama?'"
Mikey said he'd be happy to "kiss and have a bit of fun with" some of the other brides if he met them in a nightclub. (Image: Nine Network)
Once he met the other women, he realised that wasn't the case. Still, there were a few he would be happy to "kiss and have a bit of fun with" if he met them in a nightclub – including Tash.
"She's pretty hot!" he enthuses. "I quite like the tatts on her."
As for Natasha and Mikey, is there any hope now that Mikey has written "Leave"?
"I'm like, 'I'm here for another week – I might as well try to be positive about it,'" he says.
'I'm here for another week – I might as well try to be positive about it.'" (Image: Nine Network)

Jonethen hits back

Jonethen's obsession with his mobile phone has caused some serious arguments with his MAFS bride Connie.
But Jonethen, 27, reveals to TV WEEK that he wasn't just checking out Instagram. He was getting updates on the health of his dad.
"I just didn't feel close enough with Connie yet to be telling her what was going on," he explains.
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As Jonethen revealed at his wedding, his father couldn't be there because he'd had a stroke. In fact, he'd had the stroke just a few weeks before the wedding day, and Jonethen had wanted to pull out of the reality show.
"Dad was like, 'Jonnie, it's all good. Go off and do this. This is an amazing opportunity for you to find love.'"
The FIFO worker from Queensland's Gold Coast says he spent a lot of time on his phone messaging his mother.
"Mum took on the responsibility of being a full-time carer for Dad," he says. "I was just making sure that everything was fine there."
Looking back, Jonethen wishes he'd been more open with Connie about his family struggles.
"It did affect us," he admits.
Jonethen says the phone dramas affected his relationship with Connie. (Image: Nine Network)

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