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All the signs that Cam will propose to Jules in the MAFS finale

Our real life proposal senses are tingling!
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If you’ve been following Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson’s relationship on Married at First Sight, you’ll know that for this pair, it was indeed love at, well, first sight.

For the former pro-cricketer and his make-up artist wife, meeting at the altar felt like Cupid had struck them with his bow and arrow and had provided them with a love story for the ages.

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It’s very clear that this rock solid couple are still very much together, if their loved up and mushy Instagram profiles are anything to go by.

Now that their journey on the reality show has just passed the half way mark, what will happen at the conclusion of their MAFS journey?

Well, we have very good reason to believe that Cam will get down on one knee in the final episode and propose to Jules for reals – in what will probably be the most romantic scene in MAFS history since their very first dance!

Behold, all the reasons why we think Cam and Jules will get engaged during Married at First Sight.

They’ve already said the “L-word”

Cam and Jules’ relationship has definitely moved at lightning speed.

During their second getaway to the Gold Coast with the rest of the couples, Cam threw caution to the wind and told Jules that he loved her and luckily for him, she said it right back.

That’s right, amidst all the drama that was happening around them – including the Sam Ball/Ines Basic/Elizabeth Sobinoff triangle – the couple had fallen in love and it was glorious.

WATCH NEXT: Cam tells Jules he loves her. Post continues after the video…

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Cam tells his parents Jules is “The One”

During their visit to Cam’s hometown of Sydney, the couple met up with his parents in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, enjoying some drinks and a cheese platter that would blow Mick’s mind.

“We’re so happy it’s ridiculous,” Cam told his dad.

“But truly, you think this woman is the one?” he asked his son. “Are mum and I looking at our future daughter-in-law and perhaps the one that’s going to allow us to have the little pitter patter of feet around Dee Why?”

“The answer is actually yes,” Cam said. “Here’s a little thing. When I told her I loved her it’s because I just got clucky and I genuinely went, ‘I can see Jules having little dreamers.’

“It’s a little bit scary but when I actually felt that, that’s when I told her,” he revealed.


Cam told his Dad that Jules is “The One”! (Source: Channel Nine)

They’ve got babies on the brain

The loved-up duo are repeatedly hinting a baby could soon become a reality.

In an interview with TV WEEK, Jules revealed that she’d like to start “seriously talking” about it next year, while Cam thinks his partner will be an “incredible mother”.

In fact, Cam says that seeing Jules’ reaction to children is what made him fall in love with her in the first place.

“It was when we were travelling to the Gold Coast,” he explains. “We saw some little ones running around at the airport and we both just smiled. I knew then that she’d be an incredible mother.

“You can say you love someone, but unless you see a real future with them, it makes it hard.”

Jules had also previously gushed to Woman’s Day about her new husband and how not wanting to have kids would have been a deal-breaker for her.

“I got so lucky – we came in with a similar mindset, we were baring our hearts and souls,” Jules told the mag.

“Our vows and speeches were so similar, I even said to the experts, ‘Thank you!’ I know he was hand-picked but I feel like he was handmade for me.”

Jules is ready to become a mum! (Source: Channel Nine)

They seem to already be engaged in real life

As Woman’s Day‘s exclusive photos showed back in February, the lovebirds were recently spotted at a Wallace Bishop jewellery store in Noosa, where we’re told they bought an engagement ring.

The pair couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces as they looked at the sparklers.

“They inspected several rings before being taken out the back to try them on,” one onlooker said.

Jules has also been spotted out in Sydney with what our insider says could be the engagement ring on her ring finger, along with the gold band she received from Cam, during her TV wedding.

The stunning ring features one large diamond, with smaller stones on either side.

Jules posted this loved up pic on her Instagram pointing to a real live engagement! (Source: Channel Nine/Instagram)

They’ve already moved in together

On Wednesday’s episode, Jules propositioned her on-screen hubby to move in with her after the experiment was over.

“The next step for us is to live with each other,” Jules told the cameras. “I just feel like it’s a natural progression for us to do. If it didn’t happen, I would feel like it’s a massive step back and I would probably question my relationship to be honest.”

And then speaking to Cam she asked: “Do you think that as soon as we leave the experiment, we’ll live with each other?”

“I think for me, to leave the experiment and not love with each other would feel really unnatural, like I feel like that would be us taking a step back instead of moving forward with each other.”

While’s Cam’s body language looked like this:

Cam and Jules talk about moving in together after the experiment. (Source: Channel Nine)

He agreed that it would be the right thing to do.

Back last month, OK! announced that the move had already happened – when they were seen moving some suitcases into Jules’ apartment in Byron Bay.

WATCH: Jules talks about moving in together post experiment. Story continues after video…

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They never fight

In an almost sickening and infuriating way (we jest, we jest), Cam and Jules never seem to fight.

In fact, the only time the loved up couple had any inkling of an argument was when Cam tried out clay shooting on Jules’ homestay and the two showed their competitive sides.

The former cricketer picked it up like a duck to water, leading to a very stroppy Jules saying: “He’s great at everything!”

Clearly, still a very big part of their relationship, the random trophy that Cam seemed to have received from the day is still very much alive as it has made several appearances on their socials.

The coveted “trophy”. (Source: Channel 9)

Every date is romantic

Probably the biggest tell-tale sign of a “Cam and Jules finale proposal” are their romantic dates.

Whether they were loved up on a balcony, sipping on champagne during a picnic or overlooking the water, the poster couple for this year seem to always be in the mood for romance.

So with all of these facts in place, it is very clear that Jules and Cam are meant for each other.

And as the MAFS machine rolls on, you can bet that Channel Nine have prepared something extra special for the penultimate finale of the show – before that crazy reunion takes place.

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