Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Cam and Jules: Baby on board!

The loved-up couple are running on all cylinders - and there's more special news...

With babies firmly on the brain, and the sound of her biological clock ticking away, Married At First Sight bride Jules had just one hope when she applied to go on the hit dating series – that the experts would match her with the future father of her children.
Now, having fallen head over heels for Cameron, her dreams of motherhood are finally coming true.
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Since their Married At First Sight wedding, which was filmed last September, Jules and Cam's marriage has progressed at lightning speed.
We're told the pair are already living together at Jules' apartment in the affluent Sydney suburb of Double Bay, and friends are convinced they've got a little one on the way, too!
Something to tell us? Jules gently cradles what looks like a baby bump. (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)
The clucky newlyweds were seen out shopping. (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)

Baby makes three

Jules, 36, was seen shopping with Cam in Sydney last week, and couldn't keep her hands off her stomach.
She was also recently spotted at her home with what neighbours described as "a definite baby bump."
Much like viewers of the show, the residents on Cam and Jules' street are big fans of the loved-up couple.
WATCH: Cam and Jules meet for the first time. Post continues after the video...
Still on cloud nine, it's believed the reality TV poster couple are living together in Jules' apartment in Sydney. (Image L-R: Diimex and Channel Nine)
These two could finally give us the happy ending we've been waiting for. (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)
"We were sceptical of them actually falling in love, but we've seen it firsthand and the bump is so exciting.
"No wonder she's been glowing. We're so happy for them!" gushed one neighbour.
Adding to speculation that Jules is expecting is the fact the TV bride abstained from drinking while hosting a viewing party of the first episode of MAFS with her and Cam's closest family and friends at the Bellevue hotel in Sydney.
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"They're going to make fantastic parents," gushes a source.
"They've got so much love to give a child."
Jules tells Woman's Day being matched with a man who didn't want kids would have been a deal-breaker for her. Thankfully though, Cam, 34, is just as clucky as she is!
"I got so lucky – we came in with a similar mindset, we were baring our hearts and souls," Jules tells Woman's Day.
"Our vows and speeches were so similar, I even said to the experts, 'Thank you!' I know he was hand-picked but I feel like he was handmade for me."
"They're going to make fantastic parents!" (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)
"I got so lucky - we came in with a similar mindset, we were baring out hearts and sols," Jules tells us. (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)

Family first

Echoing Jules' passion, Cam reveals his desire to start a family was so strong it saved him from a battle with depression.
"[At the time] I had achieved everything in my life but two things were missing – a partner and kids – and chasing those two things were what allowed me to get out of bed," the ex-professional cricketer reveals.
Jules adds, "Wanting kids is something I was very honest about at the beginning, which is not a natural conversation to have with somebody you've just met. But I put my cards on the table and told him flat out that's what I wanted!"

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