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Married At First Sight's Jules: 'My secret royal past!'

The blushing bride used to cut the hair of dukes and dignitaries!

By Joshua Joynes
Before she ventured into the crazy world of reality television, Married At First Sight bride Jules was hobnobbing with the British royal family!
In an exclusive chat with Woman's Day, the fiery redhead, 36, reveals she was employed by Truefitt & Hill, the oldest barbershop in the world, when she lived in London during her 20s.
The respected salon received their first royal warrant from King George III in the 1800s, and has continued serving the UK's monarchs throughout nine consecutive reigns.
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While Jules' days of grooming England's most esteemed aristocrats might be behind her, she's got plenty of memories she's all too happy to share.
"Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh still has his hair done there," she spills.
"I've not done him personally, but I've worked on members of the royal family."
Some of Britain's biggest socialites, politicians and celebrities have also sat in Jules' salon chair, but she's under strict orders not to name names.
"It's what you have to do when you're dealing with people of that calibre," she explains. "I can tell you that [Truefitt & Hill] have done the greats though – everyone from Winston Churchill to Frank Sinatra!"
Jules worked at Truefitt & Hill in London. (Image: Supplied)
Having started her career as female barber at just 15, Jules is a complete expert when it comes to the world of salons. Before landing her dream job at Truefitt & Hill, she worked at various elite barbershops, including Harrods and Selfridges, after moving to London in 2002.
"I was drawn to the [hair and beauty] industry at a very young age. I have pictures of myself as a little girl, styling my mother's hair and giving her a makeover," says Jules.
Now running her own salon in Sydney, she describes the barbering process as a trip back in time, where men come for the experience.
"Your appearance impacts your mood, and if you think you look great, you feel great" she explains.
The 36-year-old wants to find a man who's a cut above the rest. (Images: Supplied)

Her emotional dress fitting

While Jules had no say in who would be waiting for her at the end of the aisle, she did get to choose her gown.
"I tried on at least 12 dresses, but when I put on The One, I just knew it was it. To my surprise, it made me emotional, which I didn't expect," reveals Jules. "It's completely different to what I thought that I wanted –the feathers on the bottom were what drew my attention, it's so unique!"
Jules opted for something different from her usual style.
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