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Married at First Sight 2019: Biggest cast bombshells revealed

A former stripper, a virgin and an actor walk into a MAFS dinner party...
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10,000 singles applied, but only 20 will make it down the Married at First Sight aisle…

But who are these mysterious singles and what on earth are they hiding?

NW uncovers the BIGGEST and BEST bombshells of the 2019 MAFS cast and you will not want to miss it!

What are our couples hiding? (Source: Channel 9)

DINO: – “I’m a stripper who competes in male pageants”

You may fall for Dino Hara’s charms on the series as he talks through his emotional backstory involving a failed engagement and a spiritual awakening.

But what he’ll likely omit is his much wilder past – including his stint as pageant king and stripper!

“Before I met my ex of three years, I was a male entertainer for like a year and a half,” Dino, who also appeared on First Dates, confesses to NW.

“I wore different sorts of uniforms – army guy, police guy… But I guess I was doing it for different purposes.”

Dino, 34, who is now a meditation coach, says he was “doing it to make women smile and make them laugh”, but gave it all up three weeks into his relationship with his ex.

“I was like, nah, you know what? I don’t feel right male entertaining because your body should obviously be for your partner,” he reveals.

“You just follow your heart and your intuition and so I gave it up. I gave it up for love – and I’ve never gone back since.” Looks like Dino’s bride is in for quite a show on her wedding night!

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Holy moly! Dino was a stripper who wore different sorts of uniforms – army guy, police guy… now, nice guy! (Source: Insatgram)

SAM: “‘I’m an actor, who doesn’t usually date larger girls”

As if Sam Ball, 26, needs any help finding love!

The hunk, who is “often mistaken for a player”, is expected to find himself at the centre of the drama this season as the women swoon in his direction.

But Sam’s particular about who he gives his attention to.

Indeed, the tradie – who was also an actor on Home And Away and Secret City – says he’s looking for a “confident woman who sees beyond his good looks”, and says he hasn’t found The One because women are “intimidated by him”.

Yep, he’s working hard to “set himself up for the future to provide for his new wife and their family when the time comes”, which means a cheeky night between the sheets are a no-go.

“I’m not a one-night-stand kind of guy – not at all,” he reckons. But he is an avid gym-goer – and he’ll expect his bride to be too.

“I’ve never dated girls [that] big,” he spills, adding that he “loves any form of fitness – yoga, gym, action sports… you name it, I do it!” We think it’s safe to say there’ll be a bit of MAFS drama from Sammy!

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Sam Ball has never dated girls that big and expects his bride to be an avid gym goer. (Source: Instagram)

MATTHEW: ‘I’m a virgin and haven’t kissed a girl in seven years’

Honesty, trust and communication are at the top of this soft soul’s wish list for a relationship – and NW would likely add to that understanding and patience, since videographer Matt, 29, reveals he’s never had sex before.

In fact, Matt hasn’t kissed a girl in seven years, or even shared a bed with a lady friend before!

“It’s not religious – it’s a personal choice,” he says of why he’s decided to wait to slip between the sheets with a woman.

“And it’s terrifying that I have to tell some stranger that I first meet that I’m a virgin.”

The groom – who NW can quietly confirm is hiding a ripped rig beneath his suit – describes himself as “chronically single” after being bullied relentlessly as a teenager. But now he’s prepared to leave it all behind and start a new chapter in his life.

“I’m incredibly excited to meet my bride. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see her, to get to know her likes and dislikes, what’s she’s passionate about and what makes her tick. I’ve never been more excited to meet someone I know nothing about,” he gushes.


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Martha: “Bad sex is a a deal-breaker for me”

She’s been single for six years, so Bondi-based make-up artist Martha is more than ready to find The One. But if things aren’t heating up between the sheets with her MAFS hubby, then the 30-year-old is more than prepared to walk away!

“Sex is a massive part of a relationship,” she tells NW of her dating deal-breaker.

“Intimacy is part of getting close to someone and I feel like if that isn’t good then… I don’t know – it’s important to me! I want to be intimate with my partner, I don’t want it to be one of those waspy kind of relationships.”

So would she be up for a couple swap if there was no chemistry with her matched man?

“I guess if you’re not feeling something with the person that you’ve been matched with, I think it would be natural that you start to look elsewhere,” she readily admits.

While looks are important to Martha, who describes herself as high-maintenance, she says if she’s matched with a groom who’s not “hot”, she’ll still give them a chance… but not for long.

“I don’t think I’d bail immediately – I’m not that cold- blooded, she tells NW, laughing.

“I probably would have at least given him about an hour of my time.” Don’t worry, Martha is equally as critical of her own appearance, telling NW she’s had more than a few nips and tucks over the years.

“I do Botox – I like to keep it really understated and natural, so I don’t like to look like I’ve had anything done. My motto is: When it comes to Botox and fillers, if you can tell you’ve had it done, then it’s gone wrong,” she says, adding, “I haven’t had filler in my lips – but I do them in other places on my face, and I’ve had a boob job.”

But she’s not done! “I’ll probably have more surgery after I’ve had kids – a mummy makeover!”

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Martha has been single for six years and more than ready to find “the one”. (Source: Facebook)

Jess – “Guys only want me for my looks”

Before the season’s already begun, 26-year-old Jess has been linked to former MAFS star Telv Williams, but Perth-based administration officer Jess – who says she’s a “part-time party animal” – brushes off the rumours of a romance and says they’re only “Instagram buddies”.

In fact, she’s determined to meet her man on MAFS after a failed five-year relationship that broke down because he wasn’t ready for kids.

“I’ve had horrific relationships, I guess,” she says. “I seemed to attract not the nicest guys and I was really just finding guys wanting to date me for how I was looking rather than what was on the inside. I thought, ‘What a better way to meet somebody than [if they’ll] have to do all the personality questions and testing that gets done?'”

As for being dubbed “the next Davina”, Jess says, “I think a lot of people who don’t know me and haven’t had a chat are going to take me at face value. I have blonde hair, I like to do my modelling. But I’ve got brains behind me. I’ve helped to bring up my little brothers my whole life, so I’ve had a lot of responsibility and I’m not a bratty person.”

“I think a lot of people who don’t know me and haven’t had a chat are going to take me at face value,” Jessika said. (Source: Instagram)

Liz: “I always end up with married men”

Long-term relationships just aren’t a thing for 27-year-old Sydney store manager Liz.

The make-up loving blonde has had six short-term relationships and says she’s often discovered that her man is married or in a relationship with somebody else. Uh-oh!

Liz’s expectations for her groom are as high as the expectations she has for herself! Uh-huh, the confident bride says she wears fur to fast-food restaurants and, as for her man, she wants “someone who will stand up and put her in her place”.

Liz describes herself as “brazenly confident” and has absolutely no problem attracting the attention of men.

In fact, she reckons she turns heads every time she steps into a room. However, if she doesn’t like what she sees at the end of the aisle, be prepared for Liz to jog on out of there! Will we have another runaway bride on our hands? Hmmm…

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Nic: “I beat testicular cancer at 24”

Three years ago Nicolas was diagnosed with testicular cancer and underwent chemotherapy and surgery to beat it.

While having a family isn’t off the cards, it won’t be a simple task for him and his future bride as NW learns he’s frozen his sperm.

In fact, there’s been a lot of heartbreak in Nic’s past – the electrician’s father left when he was only one, and was raised by his mother and grandmother, who share a Serbian heritage.

So what’s he looking for in a lady?

“Someone who will have my back, who makes me laugh, who makes me smile and who will love me unconditionally. I will always do right by my partner and want someone who will do right by me,” he says.

We volunteer as tribute!

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Three years ago Nicolas was diagnosed with testicular cancer and underwent chemotherapy and surgery to beat it. (Source: Instagram)

Ines: “I want a man with money!”

Strong, wild, with a no-f – – k’s-given attitude, Bosnian-born beauty Ines knows exactly what she wants in a man – and men with no moolah need not apply!

“When I envision my future, I can see myself being highly successful, so that’s sort of the reason I’d prefer someone who has money,” the 28-year-old legal assistant tells.

So would she break up with someone if he didn’t have cash to splash?

“Like if he had ambitions and was highly driven and he just wasn’t there yet, then no,” she tells NW.

“But if he was like content with being a low-achiever in life, then yeah, I would.” Treat ʼem mean, keep ʼem keen – right Ines?

“Like if he had ambitions and was highly driven and he just wasn’t there yet, then no,” Ines said. (Source: Instagram)

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