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Meet the brides and grooms of Married At First Sight 2019

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Brace yourselves, Married at First Sight 2019 is coming… and it’s going to be huge!

Premiering on Monday 28 January 2019 at 7.30pm, experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and neuropsychotherapist Dr Trisha Stratford, will once again put science to the test when it comes to matters of the heart.

You’ll bear witness to more love than ever before plus some surprising new elements that will rock the experiment and challenge not only the couples but the group as a whole.

While fans are still reeling from the drama of last season, we can confirm that this year’s is going to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever!

You’ve got to give it to the men and women who put their hearts on the line in Married At First Sight – especially after last year’s fireworks!

From the Dean, Davina and Tracey love triangle to multiple wife swaps, 2018 was the show’s most explosive season yet.

Here, TV WEEK takes a sneak peek at the new batch of contestants brave – or foolish – enough to tie the knot with a total stranger.

BILLY, 28, NSW – Personal trainer/Model/Barista

Newcomer Billy is many things, including a keen actor and model. The new MAFS participant spent his early 20s travelling before moving back home when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. With his mother in full remission, he is determined to make a more constructive life for himself.

DAN, 35, QLD – Car Broker

Single dad Daniel split from the mother of his four-year-old son just 18 months ago, after growing apart. He’s looking for a woman who gives him butterflies, who is goal orientated and will accept his son and be keen to grow their family.

NIC, 27, NSW, Electrician

Nic battled testicular cancer at the age of 24 and, as a result, feels vulnerable about opening up to his partner about the future and having kids. But he’s learnt to live life to the full, and is now looking for a strong and committed woman.

MICK, 31, QLD – Plasterer/farmer

This Aussie farmer is looking for someone who can have a laugh and will embrace his family of 18 sheep, seven chickens, nine guinea fowl and two dogs! His last relationship ended just six months ago, but he’s ready to learn from his mistakes.

DINO, 34, WA – Meditation coach

After a broken engagement, Dino turned to meditation and has never looked back. The former Mr Australasia, who also previously appeared on First Dates, has an impressive property portfolio, including a five-bedroom house ready and waiting for his wife-to-be.

MARK, 41, VIC – Ex-army

Mark has never said the “L” word to a woman because he hasn’t found “The One”. But moving around in his old job in the army has prevented him from settling down. Now a personal trainer, he hopes this new phase of life will bring new love.

MATTHEW, 29, QLD – Videographer

Matthew is stepping out of his comfort zone by taking part in the experiment. He’s never been in love and is still a virgin after growing up on a reclusive family farm. He hopes he can build his self-esteem and find true happiness.

SAM, 26, NSW – Tradie

You may recognise Sam from starring as an extra on Home And Away. He says women are intimidated by his good looks, but insists he’s got a heart of gold. Sam works hard, too, and is saving to buy properties to set himself up for life.

MIKE, 43, QLD – Electrician

The deep-thinking electrician has struggled to get over a bitter break-up more than 10 years ago. Mike finally feels ready to mirror his friends who’ve married and had families. His ideal bride is someone who can truly embrace his sensitive side.

MICHAEL, 27, VIC – Primary school teacher

Michael’s new wife will have to fit in with his large Italian family who are desperate for him to find happiness. As a PE teacher, his partner will ideally like to hit the gym too, and also share the same family values.

BRONSON, 34, WA – Entrepreneur

Former stripper-turned-circus-performer-turned-entrepreneur, Bronson is a man of many talents, and has even appeared on Australian Ninja Warrior. He likes to treat his special lady to expensive gifts, and in the past has even splashed out $12,000 on a diamond ring!

CAMERON, 34, NSW – Ex-professional cricketer

As a former professional sportsman, Cam has always put sport before love in the past. The confessed mummy’s boy is ready to settle down and have a family of his own, and hopes his bride is on the same wavelength.

TAMARA, 29, VIC – Administration

Tamara is tired of being the third wheel when she spends time with her best friend… who just so happens to be engaged to Tamara’s twin brother. Keen to find her own handsome husband who can commit to her long term, she signed on for MAFS.

Her mother passed away from motor neurone disease just three years ago. Tamara is searching for the connection she saw modelled in her parents who were married for 35 years.

SUSIE, 25, QLD – Nurse

Susie is a bubbly and upbeat single mum, who has struggled to find the ‘crazy love’ she dreams of since she split from her childhood sweetheart. She wants to find someone who can accept her, and her three-year-old daughter Baby.

MARTHA, 30, NSW – Make-up artist

Martha’s Greek family want her to settle down after being single for six years. As a make-up artist, appearance is important – and she won’t settle for anything less than someone who will match her fashion game daily.

LAUREN, 31, NSW – Make-up artist

Down-to-earth country girl Lauren is hoping to have a relationship like the one her parents have enjoyed for the past 38 years. Her Prince Charming is a true gentleman, who opens car doors and treats her like a lady.

JESSIKA, 26, WA – Administration officer

Part-time model and party animal, Jessika isn’t short of confidence. But that’s not to say she doesn’t dream of having marriage and kids. Having come from a broken home, she’s hoping to find a groom who will honour her and won’t be intimidated by her good looks.

CYRRELL, 29, NSW – Health fund consultant

Cyrell’s groom will need her Filipino family’s approval. Opinionated and feisty, Cyrell insists she’s a softie, whose fear of rejection has stopped her from meeting anyone special. She’s ready to leave the past – and her cheating exes – behind.

HEIDI, 38, QLD – Radio announcer

Heidi is prepared to do whatever it takes to make her next relationship work after failing to sustain anything beyond a year. Despite facing major challenges as a teen, she’s always optimistic and hopes her groom is the ultimate match.

ELIZABETH, 27, NSW – Store manager

Can Elizabeth find her equal? The headstrong store manager has yet to find a man who will stand up to her. She believes people – men and women – can’t help but fall in love with her, but she’s yet to have a serious relationship with that special someone.

MELISSA, 38, NSW – Talent agent

Having been deeply hurt by her previous partner, Melissa vowed not to have sex again until she found “The One” – and that was eight years ago. With her 40th birthday fast approaching, she believes time is running out to find her soulmate.

NING, 32, QLD – Hairdresser

Single mum-of-three, Ning is looking for her Mr Right after a failed engagement. Sassy and quick-witted, the hairdresser is determined not to let trust issues stop her from finding a true connection and starting a new chapter.

JULES, 36, NSW – Business manager

Jules has always put her career first. But now that she’s approaching 40, she’s realised the importance of making starting a family her priority. Jules hopes she’ll find someone who will make her dreams of becoming a mother a reality.

INES, 28, QLD – Legal assistant

Ines is no stranger to hardship, having fled Bosnia with her family during the war in the 1990s. Her parents later divorced, and now she’s looking to meet someone who can create the family life she never had. Ines doesn’t suffer fools and needs an instant connection for things to work romantically.

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