Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight: We need to talk about Mick's pathetic apology platter for Jessika

Is this really the best you've got, Mick?

By Bella Brennan
They're the odd couple who we're all rooting for.
And on Monday night's episode of Married At First Sight, Mick and Jessika's relationship was put to the test after Mick confided in Mike and Mark he had been intimate with his TV bride during a boys' catch-up without his wife present.
"The other day, Jess and I were intimate... Probably about a week ago now. Just pulled out the deck of cards and went for it," Mick explains to his MAFS co-stars.
"Yeah, cheers to that. Bloody oath," Mark responds.
"Good work, mate. Proud of ya," Mike adds, before trying to take credit for helping his mate seal the deal.
"It must have been what you were saying that got the ball rolling," Mick tells Mike.
"Ya think it was? I said that in fun to get you guys over the line, a little push in the right direction... I thought it might help," Mike says, referring to a rather crass conversation he had with Jessika at last week's dinner party in which he inferred she needed to sleep with her husband sooner rather than later or else their spark would fade.
"It was that night! The last week, the intimacy thing was going great and then all of a sudden as soon as we get home, it would be like 'I'm too tired.' Now it's almost been a week... It's like she's shutting down any form of intimacy. I don't know what to bloody do, to be honest," Mick reveals to his mates.
WATCH: Jessika is furious when she finds out Mick has told the boys they've slept together. Post continues after the video...
Jess isn't impressed when she finds out Mick has been telling the boys intimate details about their love life. (Image: Channel Nine)
Understandably, when Jess finds out the following morning that her hubby has been sharing personal details about their romance without her consent she gets upset.
To make up for his major ball drop, Mick organises a "romantic" pool-side picnic complete with a soggy beach towel in lieu of a picnic rug, a stale-looking French baguette from Woolies and the grimmest selection of meats and cheeses you ever did see.
Can you feel the love tonight? (Image: Channel Nine)
Paper plates and meats wrapped in plastic... will you accept this apology? (Image: Channel Nine)
But the worst part?
In fact, the entire spread was left in its packaging and simply plonked on the bath towel or a plastic plate.
WATCH: Mick tries to make it up to Jessika with a picnic. Post continues after the video...
While the producers probably cooked up the idea, there's no doubt the display was 100 per cent Mick.
Luckily, the terrible presentation didn't phase Jessika one iota and his lacklustre attempt of a romantic gesture worked.
"Mick has set up a gorgeous platter for me with wine, which is one of my favourite things in the whole world. It was really beautiful," the model beams.
Mick's handiwork in all its glory. (Image: Channel Nine)
Jess and Mick live to see another day. (Image: Channel Nine)
Mick offers a half-arsed apology to his wife.
"I shouldn't have done it but I was asking them as men their advice on the situation because it looked like we were hitting a rocky road and it looks like this week is make or break for us," he says.
Jess rips him a new one but eventually they agree to more open communication.
Here's hoping Jess got to at least down a nice mouthful of Mersey Valley cheese after all that!
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