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Married At First Sight Exclusive: Jules and Cam reveal the truth about their baby plans

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They may be shaping up as one of the most successful Married At First Sight love stories of all time, but Cam and Jules can’t escape the trolling that comes with appearing on a hit reality TV show.

Jules has found herself the subject of hurtful comments about her appearance.

“I got an email from a woman the other day saying I was too big to wear tight dresses,” Jules, 36, tells TV WEEK.

“I mainly get comments about my appearance and how I’m too big for Cam and that I look old. We’re not made of steel. It’s not nice.”

Jules and Cam on their wedding day (Image: Nine Network).

Meanwhile, Cam says he’s been questioned about the legitimacy of his “coaching” credentials and professional cricket playing career.

Fortunately, the pair have been able to lean on one another – but the exaggerated rumours and media attention is affecting their families.

Cam’s mum gets a bit shocked and overwhelmed with the press,” Jules adds. “She constantly calls and asks, ‘Is this true?’ We’re like, ‘No! If we have a baby, you’ll be the first to know!'”

“She was devastated she wasn’t the first to know,” Cam, 34, says with a laugh.

Cameron’s mum is shocked by the tabloids (Image: TV WEEK).

Rumours aside, the loved-up duo hint a baby could soon become a reality. Jules says she’d like to start “seriously talking” about it next year, while Cam thinks his partner will be an “incredible mother”.

In fact, Cam says that seeing Jules’ reaction to children is what made him fall in love with her in the first place.

“It was when we were travelling to the Gold Coast,” he explains. “We saw some little ones running around at the airport and we both just smiled. I knew then that she’d be an incredible mother.

“You can say you love someone, but unless you see a real future with them, it makes it hard.”

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Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine.

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