Every aspiring foodie who has been eliminated from MasterChef Australia in 2024

Their cooking dreams have sadly come to an end.
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MasterChef Australia has a brand-new look in 2024, with new judges Poh Ling Yeow, Jean-Christophe Novelli and Sofia Levin joining Andy Allen in the kitchen.

22 contestants entered Australia’s biggest cooking reality show this year, and they will be pushed to their limits in mystery box challenges, pressure tests, and group service challenges throughout the season.

The top 22 contestants for 2024. (Image: Channel 10)

As the episodes progress, contestants will start to be eliminated and their cooking dreams in the MasterChef kitchen will sadly come to an end.

They’re competing to gain valuable experience from industry professionals as well as to win $250,000 to kick-start their food careers, but only one can win.

See who has left the MasterChef Australia kitchen so far in 2024…

(Image: Channel 10)


A gruelling four-hour pressure test pushed the contestants to their limits, and they had to recreate an extremely technical and intricate dish by Darren Purchese.

Fan-favourite Savindri had a chaotic experience in the kitchen and she wasn’t feeling confident when she plated her dish in front of the judges.

Sav was ultimately eliminated due to her brownie being dry, and her cheesecake lacking balance.

However, in a MasterChef twist the previously eliminated contestants were given the opportunity to win back their spot in the competition. Savindri’s dish was deemed the best and she re-entered the MasterChef kitchen.

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All of the remaining contestants partook in an elimination challenge where the judges gave the cooks a seemingly simple task: creating a dish that featured egg in an interesting way.

Unfortunately for 62-year-old Stephen, his dish didn’t come together quite as he had imagined and he was sent home.

“Going into the challenge I wasn’t worried at all, but as I went through I started having cracks come apart and I suddenly realised I wasn’t working as well as I normally do. I wasn’t as calm as I normally was,” Stephen said after his elimination.

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Special guest Anna Polyviou, “the punk dessert” icon, challenged contestants to recreate an original dessert she crafted just for this challenge.

The dish was extremely intricate, and no element tasted like what it appeared to be.

Snezana struggled throughout the cook, with multiple elements needing to be remade, and although she managed to plate her dish in a way that looked identical to Anna’s, the flavours weren’t well-balanced and she was eliminated.

(Image: Channel 10)

Juan De La Cruz

Last night, the cooks were put to the test during a gruelling two-round elimination.

In the first round, Juan De La Cruz got overwhelmed by the challenge and wrongly assumed his dish needed to be inspired by guest-judge Luke Nguyen’s love of Vietnamese food. The dish was not his best and in the second round he returned to his Argentinian roots and made empanadas.

Unfortunately, the flavours were lacking and his time in the competition came to an end.

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In a tough elimination challenge, four contestants had to recreate a challenging and intricate dish.

Unfortunately for Lourdes, the youngest cook in the competition, her egg yolk and sauce were both overcooked which disrupted the balance of the dish.

The 22-year-old was sent home after the judges decided her dish was the least like the original.

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A classic MasterChef challenge, the blind taste test, had the contestants relying on only their senses of taste and smell to try and identify ingredients.

Lily was named in the bottom six after struggling to correctly name enough ingredients and had to cook a dish using only the ingredients from the first round where she struggled to come up with a dish concept.

The 30-year-old former nurse said she felt “really deflated” going into the cook and was ultimately eliminated after she was deemed to have had the weakest dish. Lily revealed she had a “gut instinct” that she was going home.

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After being named in the bottom four, Khristian had to participate in this season’s first Pressure Test cookoff where he was tasked with recreating one of Jean-Christophe Novelli’s most intricate dishes.

Unfortunately for the 26-year-old, nothing really seemed to go his way during the cook, and he was sent home after the judges decided there were too many elements that weren’t up to par.

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29-year-old Jonathan was eliminated after failing to impress the judges with his iteration of one of judge Andy Allen’s mum’s favourite dishes.

The carpenter had a bit of a mishap in round one where his cheesecake stuck to the pan and the judges struggled to get it out and he had to cook again in round two.

In the end, Sofia said the elements of his pappardelle pasta felt “clumsy” and the judges deemed he had the weakest dish so he was sent home.

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After a tough challenge where the contestants had to recreate one of Jamie Oliver’s dishes alongside him, Steph was sadly sent home.

The 28-year-old’s dish had some inconsistencies and her chicken was overcooked, and unfortunately that meant she was eliminated.

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James was the first contestant eliminated from MasterChef this season.

The 38-year-old from Western Australia failed to impress the judges with his squid dish which was undercooked and had conflicting flavours.

Poh described it as “one of the least impressive dishes” of the night, and with the other judges agreeing, he was sent home.

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