Alex’s animated expressions have made her a MasterChef Australia favourite

“I’m too honest."
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Alex has become known for her positive attitude and hilarious facial expressions on MasterChef Australia, but sometimes the looks she gives get her into trouble. 

“If somebody says something I don’t agree with, they could read it on my face,” Alex, 27, tells TV WEEK.

(Image: Ten)

“I can’t hide it – I’m too honest.” 

The sales rep from Western Australia was born to a Danish mother and South African father, who split up when she was 10. Alex says she used food to keep her family connected. 

“It was really special to me being part of a family that’s separated, with not much extended family around, to be able to use cooking as an avenue to bring people together,” Alex says. 

Citing her mother as “no home cook”, Alex took it upon herself to raise the culinary standards in the household. 

(Image: Ten)

“I used to get quite frustrated that meals at home were rushed and not really a big deal,” she says. “Because [my mother] was a single mum with two little girls, working and studying, I took on the role as resident chef.” 

From that young age, Alex experimented making dishes from her diverse heritage.

“Food has been the only constant love in my life,” she explains. “I’ve been in relationships for the best part of my teenage and adult years, and recently, I found myself single. At the moment, it’s hard to entertain romance, but food can be the bait at the end of a fishing line.”

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