Married At First Sight

Was Cam and Jules' first dance the most ROMANTIC scene in Married at First Sight history?

Cam and Jules are the true definition of “love at first sight."

By Anita Lyons
It has only been one glorious episode, but already we've found the Married at First Sight couple of our dreams!
Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson tied the knot on Monday's much anticipated season premiere and have already managed to steal each other's – and Australia's - hearts.
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The former-cricketer and makeup artist, who both hail from Sydney, have in turn, set the bar EXTREMELY high for our romantic expectations of a "happily ever after" – and we're not just talking about on the show.
After seeming to literally fall in love at first sight, the pair had the PERFECT ceremony (watch above), but it was during the reception that Cam, 34, and Jules, 36, brought us arguably the most romantic scene in MAFS history.
The moment Cam and Jules first laid eyes on each other! (Source: Channel 9)
During the reception, when the newly married couple walked onto the dance floor for their very first dance, the only hiccup of the near perfect wedding took place – the music would not play.
"He could tell that I was shaking like a leaf," Jules explains in a voice over.
"He held my hands and he was like, 'pretend no one else is here'."
WATCH NEXT: Cam and Jules first dance
"It's okay. I've got you. I've got you. Just breathe." Cam tells her, and honestly, we all just melted into a big pile of goo at the way he diffused this potentially awkward situation.
And because they couldn't hear the music, Cam decided to just recreate the first dance without it.
"I could see how much it meant to Jules," he says in a voiceover and if these two don't stay together, we're boycotting love forever.Their guests, made up entirely of real family and friends, were the most supportive ever and even joined in on the silent disco!
But it wasn't really quiet.
Not really.
Because while there was no music, everyone was dancing to the sound of Jules and Cam's blossoming cemented love...and we cannot wait to see what unfolds next.
Cam and Jules melting our hearts! (Source: Channel 9)

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