Married At First Sight

MAFS' Ines Basic just shared a VERY confronting Instagram post and now we're uncomfortable

We didn't really need to see this.

By Jess Pullar
She created enough scandal to last her a lifetime on Married at First Sight, but the ever-controversial Ines Basic isn't done with stealing the limelight just yet.
In fact, since the brunette left the show after an epic failed marriage with fellow participant Bronson Norrish, she's only fuelled things up on the drama scale.
Her latest move? An Instagram story post that was just, well... weird.
Ines is still causing controversy after choosing to leave the experiment. (Image: Channel Nine)
Taking to her Instagram on Sunday evening, Ines shared a suggestive picture of herself on her Instagram story which showed her sitting on a bed and pulling up her top to expose her bare stomach.
But it wasn't the staged image itself that surprised us - in fact it's all-too-common to see people use the social media platform as an amateur modelling portfolio.
No, it was the wording that really caught our attention.
The MAFS star wrote alongside the picture: "Show your dad this. Guarantee you he wanna see it."
Ummm, this might be crossing a line.
I think we'll safely opt to not show this to our fathers, thanks. (Image: Instagram)
This is certainly not the first time Ines has been in a, shall we say, head-turning image over the past few weeks.
Indeed after choosing to "leave" her TV marriage with Bronson on the show and effectively walking off our screens (for the foreseeable future at least), Ines has made sure she's continued to stay front and centre of the MAFS-sphere.
In a series of pictures exclusively obtained by NW, Ines and fellow bride Martha were snapped sharing a kiss together at a Melbourne nightclub recently.
An onlooker said of the unexpected occurrence: "They were all over each other... They were loving the attention."
WATCH: MAFS stars Michael and Martha dish on what Ines is really like. Story continues after video...
Last week, Ines also shocked fans with a new look debuting plumped up lips and a new hairstyle.
Taking to her Instagram again, the 29-year-old shared a video of herself during a photo shoot looking much more glamorous than the understated look she went for on MAFS.
"I don't always look like this but when I do it's all thanks to an army of magical fairies," she captioned the video.
Earlier in the week, she shared a mirror selfie with Martha, again flaunting her new look.

It seems Ines is embracing her new life in the limelight, despite receiving a wave of criticism for her affair with groom Sam on the show.
And there's no doubt her new bestie Martha is on-side. The brunette defended Ines calling her "sweet, warm and caring."
In fact, it's clear Ines has been leaning on Martha after her tumultuous stint on the show.
"They both depend on each other for support," a friend told NW, adding they're in touch daily.
"Ines now considers herself part of Martha's family."
Martha attended Ines's birthday in February. (Image: Instagram)
And we wouldn't be surprised if Martha has given Ines some tips on cosmetic surgery.
The "wife" of groom Michael on the show has been transparent with the work she's had done in the past.
Speaking to NW, she said her motto when it comes to Botox and fillers is, "if you can tell you've had it done, then it's gone wrong", confirming that she's had both procedures.
"I do Botox," she said.
"But I like to keep it really understated and natural, so I don't like to look like I've had anything done."
The beauty-obsessed reality TV star also revealed she had her "boobs done" about 10 years ago.

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