Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight: Cyrell and Melissa confront Ines and Sam about affair

The other participants did not hold back during tonight's fiery commitment ceremony...

By Tina Burke
Ines and Sam's affair was unveiled in tonight's VERY dramatic episode of Married At First Sight. Like I love a bit of mess, but the commitment ceremony was just complete and utter chaos.
During his time on the couch with his bride Elizabeth, Sam told the room the truth about his "relationship" with Ines. Well, he kind of stumbled around the truth. Telling the group he only met up with Ines for one night and saying they just shared a kiss.
As Sam stumbled and laughed his way through explaining what had happened, Ines sat on the couch smiling and giggling.
Ines was not apologetic on the show.
When firecracker bride Cyrell saw Ines laughing, she unleashed on the pair.
"Why the f—k are you laughing?" she confronted Ines, who immediately responded "don't disrespect me" and walked out of the room.
"You just ruined a marriage and you're sitting there smiling! Your husband is sitting there looking like a piece of s—t.
"I feel so sorry for you," she continued, turning to Bronson. "You deserve better than that, Liz you deserve better than that. And Sam you're sitting there smiling too!"
Sam tried to intervene, saying "what you don't understand Cyrell - "
"No I don't need to understand s--t," Cyrell cut over him, while her husband Nic tried to calm her down. "All I know is you work through a marriage, you don't sit there and just meet up with another wife!"
Sam, still smiling, said "Well I'm going to explain" before he was cut off again.
"F—k off! Please! The world doesn't revolve around you Sam, you ain't King Ding-A-Ling."
Ines, who had stormed out because SHE was being "disrespected", agreed to come back in to the room only if Cyrell wasn't there. Laughing Cyrell left the room, saying she didn't want to listen to "bull---t"
With Cyrell out of the room, Ines walked back in calling out to the other couples "no one yell at me, oh my god" and giggling.
She smiled throughout the entire conversation with the love experts. She – quite horrifyingly – alluded to the fact that what she had done wouldn't affect Bronson because he has been through tragedy with the death of his mother and two brothers.
"Bronson's been through a bit in his life, you know, I'm sure he will survive," she said, when asked if she was concerned by how her actions would impact him.
Jules' reaction says it all...
Much like Sam, Ines danced around the details of how often she had met up with Sam and what had happened.
Along with pretty much everyone in the room, Melissa seemed baffled by Ines' explanation.
"Can I just confirm you were only together once, one night, but the feelings were that strong?" she said. "Must have been one hell of a drink and kiss."
Mel became frustrated as Ines and Sam continued to smirk and claim their tryst had happened over just one night.
"Oh f—k man. This one night sounds amazing, no s--t," she said sarcastically. "Because if this can all happen on one night…"
Same, Mel.
Jules cut in to ask if they had hooked up before or after the girls' night, where Ines denied the rumours and stated she wasn't attracted to Sam.
"I can't remember," Ines said, while Sam asked when the boys and girls' night's where held.
"Oh turn it up!" Mel said. "We were only there a few nights, you can't forget, and it was an AMAZING night - ya fell in love! Come on. You remember what night it was, was it before or after?"
When Ines admitted it was before, and the other couples reacted angrily, she backtracked and said it could have been after.
"Come the f—k on!" Mel said to Ines. "Let's all be honest."
Wow. What a NIGHT. With so much to unpack, viewers seemed grateful to have Cyrell and Mel on hand to call out the actions of Ines and Sam.

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