Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight: Lizzie's shocking new hair makeover

Lizzie just debuted a completely new look and she looks absolutely incredible!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Loud and proud blonde bombshell Elizabeth Sobinoff from Married At First Sight is famous for her OTT hair and makeup looks.
Her signature long platinum locks and super confident personality have become her trademark features.
But Lizzie today she debuted a brand new hairstyle, showing off her beautiful new brunette locks on Instagram.
She's recently undergone a bit of a make-under, going without that heavy eyeliner and overdrawn lipstick - and we think she looks amazing!
Oh yeah this happened...... #chameleon," Lizzie captioned this pic. (Image: Instagram)
This is not the first time Lizzie has gone brunette.
While Australia was introduced to her as a blonde, just a few months ago she looked completely different.
A cheeky deep dive into Lizzie's Instagram account reveals she was rocking very dark brown hair as early as June last year.
Even when she was a brunette, Lizzie was still sporting her signature thick brown eyeliner and overdrawn, pouty lipstick.
Her 2,694 followers are constantly treated to sultry selfies and bikini shots, and she is never not wearing a collection of gold chains around her neck.
Elizabeth on MAFS and pictured in 2018. (Instagram)
Elizabeth as a blonde. (Instagram)
Elizabeth on MAFS(Image: Channel Nine)
Dubbed "Australia's most confident bride", Lizzie definitely ruffled feathers on the show with her overconfident personality.
Prior to going on the show, the headstrong store manager has yet to find a man who will stand up to her.
She believes people – men and women – can't help but fall in love with her, but she's yet to have a serious relationship with that special someone.
Elizabeth as a brunette. (Instagram)
Still the same sultry selfies! (Instagram)
After a series of flings gone wrong, she says she knows exactly what she's looking for in a man.
"When I start to see qualities of these men that I've been dating like, I tend to jump the gun pretty quickly," she told Nine Honey.
"So on those sort of dates, I just say 'next', because I'm just so burnt by it all.
"I just kinda wanna meet people that stay true to a relationship."
Her signature makeup look features thick winged eyeliner. (Instagram)
She loves a brunch pic! (Instagram)
So while we watch Elizabeth enjoy her new life as a blonde, let's take a trip down memory lane and see all the old photos of her as a brunette.
Happy stalking!
She's previously sported long brown hair extensions. (Instagram)
There are those hair extensions again! (Instagram)
Elizabeth in March 2018. (Instagram)
A slightly lighter brown shade. (Instagram)