EXCLUSIVE: Martha from Married At First Sight spills on her plastic surgery

The stunning Greek goddess tells NW exactly what procedures she's had done.
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Married At First Sight bride Martha Kalifatidis has been dubbed “Australia’s Kim Kardashian”, and it’s not hard to see why.

The 30-year-old Sydney makeup artist is absolutely stunning and makes no apologies for the amount of time and energy she focuses on her appearance.

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During her wedding to a 27-year-old primary school teacher Michael Brunelli on Monday night’s episode, Martha blew her groom away with her beauty.

“Oh my god!” Michael said. “She’s beautiful. She looked absolutely amazing. She’s got this huge smile and it just drew me in. I think I’ve struck gold.”

Martha was equally complimentary about her new groom, telling TV Week that Michael’s fresh look led her to believe he was a lot younger.

“He looked like he just got back from Schoolies, fresh out of high school. He was clean shaven and all shiny, like a baby,” Martha told TV Week.

“I thought he was going to say he was 22. I was mortified. But no, he wasn’t that young, he just obviously gets heaps of sleep, does yoga and drinks his green smoothies.”

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The adorable couple Martha and Michael. (Image: Channel Nine)

Martha looking stunning on her wedding day. (Image: Instagram)

Martha says she hasn’t had any lip filler. (Image: Channel Nine)

The blushing bride is beauty-obsessed, even joking in her vows that any future with Michael would definitely involved sticking to a strict beauty regimen.

“I look forward to a future of pore strips, clay masks and night cream together, forever,” Martha jokingly told Michael at their wedding.

Now in an exclusive chat with NW magazine, Martha described herself as “high maintenance” when it comes to beauty – and she spilled all the details on the surgical procedures she has undergone.

For everything we couldn’t print and more, listen to the MAFS Confessional podcast below!

Martha is no stranger to a sexy Instagram selfie! (Image: Instagram)

Now we know why Michael is such a fan! (Instagram)

Martha says her motto when it comes to Botox and fillers is, “if you can tell you’ve had it done, then it’s gone wrong”, confirming that she’s had both procedures.

“I do Botox,” she admits. “But I like to keep it really understated and natural, so I don’t like to look like I’ve had anything done,” she said.

“I don’t have fillers in my lips – but I do have them in other places on my face… and I’ve had my boobs done … like 10 years ago now”.

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Martha says she’s very hard on herself when it comes to her looks. (Instagram)

Damn girl. (Instagram)

On MAFS last week, Martha said that she is yet to undergo rhinoplasty, or a nose job, but is seriously considering going under the knife again.

“Probably after I have kids – what do mums do? The mummy makeover?” she said.

And unlike the Kardashians, Martha says she has not had any work done on her backside. The popular “BBL” or Brazilian Bum Lift procedure is one of the fastest-growing surgeries in the world.

“Oh, f–k no! No! I’m trying to make my bum narrower,” Martha jokingly told NW.

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But depsite all of these tweaks, Martha says she still suffers from low self esteem and cringes when watching herself on TV.

She partly blames working in the beauty industry for her self-criticism.

“I am so critical of myself,” she told NW. “I’m judgemental and when it comes to myself, even more so.

“I didn’t like to see myself. But you know what, it is what it is,” she said.

“I’m not insecure, just critical. There’s obviously little tweaks that we all wish we could change about ourselves.”

Well Martha, we think you’re absolutely beautiful just the way you are.

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