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The season premiere of Married At First Sight was filled with many things – drama, harrowing back stories, uncomfortable family feuds – but above all else, it seemed to be brimming with something special: romance.

In the episode, viewers were introduced to 20 lovelorn singles, all set to meet their new spouse at the altar on their wedding day… on reality TV.

The show’s resident love experts Mel Schilling, John Aiken and Dr Trisha Stratford have been hard at work sorting through potential matches for our participants – and it looks like 2019 could be the year they really pull this thing off!

Have the Married At First Sight experts formed eight perfect matches?

Viewers are already smitten by one couple, in particular, with Cameron and Jules appearing to be the perfect match.

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Over the course of the show, viewers will find out which of the new participants will be paired up together – scroll through to meet the couples from the first few episodes.



Jules, 36, and Cameron, 34, have quickly become fan favourites. Jules runs her own business – a hair salon/cocktail bar – while Cameron is a professional cricketer. Both are tired of the single life and are looking to find “the one” they can settle down and start a family with.

These star-crossed lovers almost seem bound by fate, having both shared similar car rides to the wedding ceremony. Jules and Cam both nervously spoke to their companions about their hearts beating fast and, honestly, we can’t help but love how in sync these two are.

Though Jules was nervous she would be taller than her groom, all her fears melted away when she saw Cameron. Height difference be damned!

“He just had the kindest smile, it just instantly felt good,” she told the cameras.

These two are sure to make us swoon as the series goes on!



It was a bumpy start for Cyrell, 29, on her wedding day, as her brother, Ivan, seemed intent on destroying the ceremony.

Though things took off on shaky ground, the experts could be on to something pairing Cyrell with Nic, 28. They both value their family above all else, though their second-favourite thing could be a cheeky laugh.

Both Nic and Cyrell were caught making ‘dirty’ jokes at the altar during their ceremony, and later in the hotel room they couldn’t stop laughing as they made their way to bed for the night.

If MAFS doesn’t end up leading to love, at least these two will have a hell of a time on the journey!



The love experts must have been feeling adventurous when they paired spiritual and calm Dino with wild and loud Melissa. However, romance could still blossom for the newlywed pair.

Though Melissa, 38, told the cameras she didn’t feel much chemistry with Dino, 34, on their wedding day, she did say she was looking forward to finding out more about him.

Romance aside, this couple have already proven themselves to be comedic gold on the dating show. We’ll be keeping a close eye on these guys.



Pairing city-girl and part-time model Jessika, 26 with country boy Mick, 31, may have seemed like a bold move, but the chemistry was instant between the pair during their wedding ceremony.

“I think he is the bloody bees knees!” Jessika remarked after their ceremony. I instantly felt comfortable with him.”

“I feel like a bloody happy school kids,” Mick added.

A tasteless speech from Mick’s best man threatened to ruin their chemistry, however it seems the groom has managed to make things up to his bride after that small stumble at the wedding. For now.

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