Meet all the couples who survived the 2024 Married At First Sight Australia experiment – and who didn’t

Who will go the distance?
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The nations favourite reality dating television series, Married At First Sight Australia has come to an end and oh boy was it an explosive eleventh season.

Relationship experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and sexologist Alessandra Rampolla paired who they believed worked best – on paper… Not all of the pairings survived to final vows and certainly not every couple made it past the finale.

Meet the MAFS couples.

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In previous years, we’ve seen couples reach their limits, find love, find hate and even find love in another participant – which seems to have repeated in 2024. 

With the 2024 MAFS experiment over, we have kept track of which couples have ended and who have gone the distance. Continue scrolling for all the details.

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All the Married At First Sight couples who are still together

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Ellie & Jonathan

While they weren’t an official pairing on Married At First Sight Australia 2024, Ellie and Jonathan found love with one another. The pair remained in contact while Jono was in the series, but a week after his and Lauren’s savage final vows, Jono reached out to Ellie – and their connection flourished.

Since the experiments end, the pair have gone on their first holiday together and regularly catch up with some of their MAFS co-participants.

Jade & Ridge

The final couple to enter the MAFS experiment was Ridge and Jade.

Ready to bid farewell his party-boy lifestyle, Ridge hopes to find a serious and loving relationship like his parents. Meanwhile, Jade is a mother to 8-year-old Veronica and given her single mum-status, she has struggled to find a serious relationship.

While Jade held reservations that her new husband wouldn’t be mature enough for her and daughter V, the pair developed a strong relationship throughout the experiment – arguably one of the strongest.

During final vows, Jade and Ridge made the decision to continue their relationship outside of the MAFS experiment.

Madeleine & Ash

MAFS Intruder couple Ash and Madeleine are bound to turn heads this season.

During the wedding events, Madeleine received numerous psychic downloads from her ‘guides’ which made for some awkward moments between the pair. Despite this, Ash seemed confident there was potential for a connection between them.

But this confidence soon faded as Ash became more “frustrated” and confused by his wife’s behaviour. Despite this, he wrote stay while Madeleine wrote leave during their first commitment ceremony.

A mere 24 hours later, Ash regretted his decision and exited the experiment.

Stephen & Michael

Although Michael’s initial match unexpectedly exited the MAFS experiment, it may have been divine intervention as Stephen and Michael seemed to be a match made in heaven.

Both hailing from big families, the newlyweds are more than ready to start a family of their own.

The connection and attraction was evident from the moment they laid eyes on each other. But sadly, that was it… The connection fizzled out as Michael discovered his husband “flirting” with a hairdresser during a publicity shoot. It was here when Stephen revealed: “Feeling that instant attraction to someone, it was like a clarity – that’s what’s missing.”

The following commitment ceremony was their last with both parties writing leave.

Lauren & Jonathan

While most people try to run from red flags, Lauren admits she runs straight for them. In an attempt to break old habits, she has asked the experts for help in finding a husband who is calm and level-headed.

She found just that in Jonathan follows a strict daily health and exercise routine, even spending the morning of his wedding exercising while Lauren overslept, applied last minute fake tan and forgot her bouquet at her accommodation.

After the rose-coloured glasses wore off the next day, Lauren began to fear her new husband was “boring.” But this wasn’t the red flag for Lauren, it was towards the end of the experiment when she discovered husband Jono was texting ex-participant Ellie in what he believed was a platonic “friendship.”

During the final vows, the pair decided to end their relationship with the most savage vows this season.

Andrea & Richard

Richard, 62, who believes age is just a number and Andrea, 51, who is as equally young at heart, are the oldest couple to walk down the MAFS aisle.

The connection and attraction was immediate for the lovebirds, who danced a little silly for the first time as a ‘married’ couple and couldn’t keep their hands off one another during the honeymoon.

But sadly, that was where the romance ended. After Richard made an intimacy confession during a commitment ceremony, Andrea admittedly “closed off.”

Despite the initial passion, the pair had different communication styles and couldn’t overcome their issues. Mutually, they made the decision to exit the experiment.

Ben & Ellie

All was smooth sailing for MAFS newlyweds Ben and Ellie, both were stunned by who the experts had paired them with. As an added bonus, they ticked off each others desire for a partner keen on adventure.

Ellie, a 32-year-old nurse and Ben, a 39-year-old tour guide. The pair seemed perfect for one another on paper, but once the experiment began, flaws began to rear their ugly head.

It all exploded when Ellie wrote leave during the commitment ceremony. In the following days, Ben wrote a list of what “he has not enjoyed about this relationship or [Ellie].”

The next dinner party, Ben revealed that he and Ellie are just friends, and he was “sorry for wasting [Ellie’s] time” – in front of the whole group.

As of the following commitment ceremony, the pair exited the experiment.

Natalie & Collins

Natalie, 32, has had plenty of experience in relationships but her newly paired MAFS ‘husband’ Collins, 28, has never been in a relationship. The experts hope her knowledge in romance will help Collins come out of his shell.

Their relationship started to go awry when Collins became overwhelmed by his new wife’s intense and enthusiastic personality. This downward spiral continued leading to Nat wanting to exit the experiment during the first dinner party but returned to give the ‘marriage’ one more try.

Believing Collins was putting on a “Oscars” worthy-performance, Nat ended her time in the experiment and therefore her relationship with Collins.

Jayden & Eden

Jayden, 26, is a professional kickboxer who often gets prematurely judged by his career and appearance. However, this softie who loves cuddles has been with Eden, 28, a recruitment manager on MAFS 2024.

Despite both living in the Gold Coast, mere minutes away from each other, Jayden and Eden have never crossed paths.

The relationship experts have made a heavenly match with these two, after they ticked off box after box for one another. Fans had such high hopes for the couple, and while they decided to continue the relationship outside of the experiment, their relationship came to an “unexpected” end. Eden revealed in a post shared to Instagram that “the person I chose didn’t choose me.”

For more details on Jayden and Eden’s break up, click here.

Jack & Tori

Can self-proclaimed ‘alpha’ and self-confessed ‘control freak’ find love on MAFS? In the second episode, viewers were introduced to Jack and Tori.

From the vows, Jack knew his new wife would “challenge” him but he is confident he will “sort her out.” Meanwhile, Jack ticked off all the right boxes for Tori.

Viewers and participants alike doubted Jack and Tori would survive the experiment – and despite the many ups and downs they faced, they have decided to remain together in the real world.

Timothy & Lucinda

Dubbed ‘the tin man’ by his friends, Timothy is hoping someone might find his heart in the MAFS experiment. While there was an initial shock when he discovered his bride, Lucinda, was a spiritual soul – which was not on his wish list.

Despite an interesting wedding ceremony and an “awkward” photoshoot, Timothy began to admire Lucinda’s kind and caring nature. We believed there was hope for these two as Timothy’s walls began to crumble. But sadly, all Timothy and Lucinda found was an extraordinary friendship.

The pair exited the experiment later on in the season.

Cassandra & Tristan

The next bride 30-year-old Cassandra from Queensland was paired with 30-year-old entertainment manager Tristian from Sydney. While nerves got the better of Tristan at the ceremony, all fears melted away during the reception when everyone fell in love with Cassandra’s dad, Moddy.

Both family-oriented and cheerful people, Cassandra and Tristan seemed to be matched perfectly. And despite only knowing each other for a short amount of time, Tristan surprised his new wife with flowers and chocolate for her birthday.

Unfortunately, the timing of these two wasn’t meant to be. While Cassandra really liked Tristan, he pushed her away due to his own insecurities. But when the tables turned and Tristan admitted he was falling in love with Cass, she couldn’t see a future for them.

Cassandra and Tristan mutually decided to leave the MAFS experiment.

Sara & Tim

The first match to grace the MAFS 2024 season is 29-year-old nutritionist from Sydney, Sara and Tim, a 31-year-old online business owner from the Gold Coast.

Initially, this was a match made in heaven with Tim sweeping Sarah off her feet after greeting her in Spanish, with Sarah originally being from Colombia. A steamy wedding photoshoot is later followed by a disastrous reception when Sarah holds huge concerns her new husband may not be over his ex-partner.

Ironically, it was Sara who was involved in this seasons cheating scandal after another bride revealed she had met up with her ex-partner mid-experiment. Over time – and some heated discussions – the pair wanted to rebuild their relationship.

Surprisingly, during the MAFS final vows they decided to continue their relationship in the outside world. But mid-experiment, Tim was spotted kissing a brunette that certainly wasn’t his MAFS bride – so when did the couple break up?

Even after the reunion – where they were in fact still together – Sara and Tim hadn’t announced their break up, until the bride shared a casual message that she was “still single” while participating in a TikTok trend.

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