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Married At First Sight’s Jonathan spotted kissing fellow bride Ellie beach-side

Is couple swapping the new MAFS trend?
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Couple swap alert for Married At First Sight Australia 2024, as Ellie Dix and Jonathan McCullough were spotted kissing beach-side mid-February.

In the reality television program, Jonathan has been paired with ‘hot mess’ Lauren Dunn in the hopes their opposite natures could balance out the other. Meanwhile, Ellie was paired with tour guide Ben Walters.

Jonathan has been paired with Lauren. (Image: Matrix)

Images obtained by Woman’s Day show the MAFS participants getting close and personal at a beach on the Gold Coast.

In the exclusive images, the pair appear to be working out together before cooling off in the water – Ellie still donned in her exercise clothes – featuring a few cuddles and kisses.

At the time, the details surrounding the two were murky, leaving many questions unanswered. But in the final commitment ceremony, Tori revealed a little secret – Jonathan was texting Ellie and had been since her departure.

On the couch Jonathan denied having feelings for Ellie, saying: “There’s nothing to gain, it’s just a friend.”

Ellie is paired with Ben on MAFS(Image: Matrix)

There were plenty of cracks in the beginning of Lauren and Jonathan’s relationship, however, the pair seemed to be progressing as Jono admitted he missed his wife during her surgery. But mere days later it was revealed Jono was texting Ellie – consistently. As expected, Lauren and Jono savagely called it quits during final vows.

In an interview with sister site New Idea, Ellie revealed she had “never felt so relaxed with someone.”

“Jono loves hearing my opinions and never shuts me down,” she said. “We’re both on the same page and I feel like I’ve known him for such a long time; it’s weird.”

Jono added: “We’re so comfortable with one another and we haven’t spent a night apart since we got together.”

During the MAFS reunion, Jono revealed he messaged Ellie a week after his final vows when they then talked on the phone for more than an hour, met up for a six hour coffee-date, followed by dinner, drinks and their first kiss.

We are only two weeks into MAFS(Image: Matrix)

It wasn’t a huge surprise Lauren and Jono didn’t survive the experiment, as the former bride explained on the Kyle and Jackie O radio program: “On paper, the experts got it right, he’s everything I want, however, there’s something on paper that you can’t put into words.”

“When we woke up the next day, I think the reality of what I had done had really set in. We were in this random house in the middle of the Hinterlands so far away from everything, with a camera man and a sound guy and my producer and I thought ‘s–t, what have I done?'”

There were a few cracks in their MAFS relationships. (Image: Matrix)

Former couple turned friends, Lucinda and Timothy revealed they while they “love” the pair, there was no “alignment” there.

“I think Ellie and Jono, even though they weren’t matched together, I think they’re going to be the most genuine couple to come from this season,” Lucinda said.

Married At First Sight Australia is on Channel Nine and 9Now at 7:30pm.

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