Meet the first MAFS 2024 Intruder couple, Ash & Madeleine

Can these two survive the experiment?
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The first Intruder wedding for Married At First Sight Australia has arrived for 2024, and if the original couples are any indication Ash and Madeleine will turn heads this experiment.

Down-to-earth groom Ash, 33, is a sales manager from Victoria helping his elderly dad and step-mother – whose struggles with the language barrier – raise his younger brothers, Junior and Jett.

married at first sight australia 2024 madeleine
Madeleine is a psychic medium.

(Image: Nine)

“I’ve taken it upon myself to do school pickups, school lunch, taking them to sporting events, putting them to bed that sort of thing,” he said. “Their very special to me and I would do anything for them. Family’s everything to me.”

As for where Ash gets his kind heart from, he attributes that all to his mother who he describes as “the sweetest lady in the world.”

Ash has been paired with MAFS bride Madeleine, 30, a psychic medium from Victoria who admits her profession has “isolated” her.

married at first sight australia 2024 madeleine ash
Ash and Madeleine’s photoshoot was “awkward.”

(Image: Nine)

“I am so not the normal human being in the sense that I am so sensitive when it comes to energy,” she revealed.

Laying eyes on his new bride, Ash was blown away by her beauty and bubbly personality. However, viewers were understandably shocked when Madeleine winged her wedding vows!

Even admitting: “I accept you and I love you.”

Throughout the episode, Madeleine received numerous ‘psychic downloads’ about her partner. Which made for an “awkward” wedding photoshoot, suddenly unsure of her new groom – that is until Ash mentions his home might be haunted.

As the night continued, the pair seemed to hit it off with Ash confessing to the camera crew: “I think there may be a bit of a spark for me. We haven’t connected on a super deep level just yet.”

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