Young and ready for love: Meet the MAFS 2024 Intruder couple, Ridge & Jade

Is Ridge mature enough for Jade?
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When fans were introduced to Ridge on Married At First Sight Australia 2024, it was hard to believe he was ready to farewell his party-boy lifestyle and settle down with pairing Jade. Now months after the experiment has ended, they are one of the few couples remaining.

Ridge, 27, wanted to find a love like his parents and refused to “settle for anything less.” Meanwhile, 26-year-old executive assistant Jade struggled to navigate the dating world as a mother to an eight-year-old daughter.

married at first sight australia 2024 ridge jade
Ridge and Jade are matched on Married At First Sight Australia 2024.
(Image: Nine)

“She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I expected to marry V’s dad, but when she was a month or two old he cheated on me with my best friend,” she revealed.

On their wedding day, Ridge revealed he wasn’t fazed “one bit” by Jade having a daughter. “At the end of the day I came here to look for something that’s going to last a lifetime and it’s still early but its good energy, good vibes. I’ve always seen myself as a dad. I want to give this everything and do my best by her in this experiment.”

Ridge couldn’t wait to meet her daughter V, and a few weeks into the experiment those dreams came true.

“It made me really happy seeing the way he is with her,” Jade said to the relationship experts while on MAFS.

(Image: Nine)

During Homestay Week in the experiment, Jade’s insecurities reared their head as she admitted it was “scary” coming to terms with the idea of “falling for Ridge.” Jade reluctantly came to terms with the idea of doing long-distance for only a short period of time.

But we doubt the pair last the original “six months” as intended! During the final vows, Ridge revealed his plans to move up to Jade in less than three months.

Their love persists outside of the experiment to this very day – with no sign of slowing down.

In late February 2024, videos of the pair holidaying in Bali were shared to Instagram and Ridge has become more and more involved in Jade’s daughters life.

But just like any other relationship, the pair have faced obstacles when Jade revealed he had messaged an ex – but claimed nothing “physical” occurred.

(Image: Instagram)

“Ridge is such a nice person like, he’s so caring to everyone so sometimes he can do the wrong thing and message exes without realising that it would upset me,” Jade said on The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G.. “Certain things probably he disclosed that he shouldn’t have.”

“I think the line is very blurred with it. For me, I feel like it was a line that was crossed that I wasn’t happy with, just because I didn’t know about the interaction.”

However, months after the experiment ended, Jade revealed the moment she believed Ridge “wasn’t the one.”

“I had seen my husbands following list on Instagram on our honeymoon,” she began on Instagram. “And I knew from our honeymoon, he wasn’t the one for me. He followed over 1000 girls. Fast forward to when he fell for me, he randomly unfollowed almost every girl. And now here we are.”

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