They were competing for a role, but Tai Hara and Fely Irvine found love instead

Maybe love is just around the corner?
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If everything good comes it two, then we can put faith former Home and Away’s Tai Hara and Hi-5’s Fely Irvine.

Two years after a romantic proposal at a wintry Scottish castle, the television sweethearts said ‘I do’ in a beautiful clifftop wedding ceremony – four years after the anniversary of their meeting.

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On February 6, 2017, Tai shared an image with his at-the-time new wife with the caption: “Nothing compares.”

Tai and Fely met while auditioning for Australia’s child entertainment group, Hi-5 roughly in 2013. Fely landed the role, but Tai did not and despite this, there was no bad blood between the pair in fact there was only a spark.

“We seem to do everything in two-year intervals,” Fely told New Idea in 2017. “Perhaps there will be a baby in another two years!”

Kid-free, the pair travelled the globe with Tai regularly sharing photos from their adventures to Instagram. They didn’t take a moment to rest until 2020 when Fely was revealed to be pregnant with their first child.

The pair announced the news with a heart-warming video of Fely singing while Tai played the guitar, when it faded out to the message: “Can’t wait to meet you baby irvine hara.”

On October 15, 2020, Tai announced the arrival of his daughter Chi.

A few months after celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary, Fely shared they were expecting a new addition to the family. January 27, 2023, Tai announced the baby boys arrival, “our little summer baby, Soleil.”

Tai and Fely are no doubt experiencing many ‘firsts’ as parents, but as a couple, they experienced the first time working together on Colin From Accounts.

In the Binge comedy series, Tai plays Ashley’s (Harriet Dyer) ex-boyfriend, James. In the first season, his character shared a sneaky kiss with nurse, Tessa played by his real-life wife.

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“Fel and I actually haven’t had the chance to work together professionally, so it was our first chance to do that. It was absolutely amazing,” Tai told

“It’s always so much fun to get to do anything with the person you love… That was a bit of fun too, a little bit of role-play there.”

With Tai and Fely having shared so many beautiful moments as a couple and family to Instagram, we have collected our favourite. Continue scrolling to see the photos.

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(Image: Instagram)

If Tai’s Instagram is any indication, the family spends every possible second splashing about in the water.

(Image: Instagram)

Families that dress up together stay together.

(Image: Instagram)

Cowboys, babies and dogs! Did Tai recycle the Halloween cowboy hat or does he have a serious collection?

(Image: Instagram)

Tai, Fely and Chi intertwined their hands with the newest member of the Irvine-Hara family to announce his very special arrival.

“to no one’s surprise but ours, we have a boy! our little summer baby, Soleil,” Tai wrote on Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

Before their status as parents, Fely and Tai travelled the globe, sharing all their favourite memories to Instagram. The travel bug didn’t pass when they welcomed Chi. Here is a beautiful picture of three visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

(Image: Instagram)

Before Tai and Fely welcomed their daughter, Chi it was just “three” with their little pooch.

(Image: Instagram)

In a 2022 interview with TV WEEK, Tai revealed becoming a father has been “one of the most magical things.”

“She’s just the most beautiful baby girl. She brings so much happiness to my and Fely’s life,” he said.

(Image: Instagram)

In October 2020, Tai shared this black and white image to announce the arrival of his first daughter.

“Life just became so much sweeter,” he captioned the image.

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