Five days to get married, five months to expand their family: This is Harriet Dyer & Patrick Brammall

A modern day love story.
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People became infatuated with Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall following their roles on Colin from Accounts, but their love story began much earlier.

The lovebirds, or ‘it couple’ of Australian TV, met in 2015 whilst filming the Stan series No Activity which was a detective comedy, running for two seasons.

harriet dyer patrick brammall colin from accounts
Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall star in Colin from Accounts together.

(Image: Binge)

Prior to this meet, Patrick was working his way through Australian TV with Offspring and Upper Middle Bogan. As too was Harriet, best recognised for her role in Love Child.

A year later in 2016, Patrick moved to Los Angeles with Harriet joining him in 2017.

“I think you want to be close to the person you’re with,” she told Confidential at the time. “I think it was a natural thing anyway.”

In 2021, Patrick got down on one knee and proposed to his partner while holidaying in Tampa, Florida. Rather than wait months to plan a wedding, the couple waited a mere five days before Harriet walked down the aisle.

“Things to do in Tampa in March. 1. Catch a sunrise, 2. Propose to girlfriend, 3. Get married five days later,” Patrick shared to Instagram at the time.

Their family of two quickly expanded just five months later when they welcomed daughter Joni Jane Brooklyn Brammell, who they had adopted through a US agency.

“International Daughter’s Day feels as good a time as any to introduce our little Joni Jane Brooklyn Brammall,” Harriet said at the time. “Born September 16, 2021, and with us from her first moments thanks to her incredible birth mother.”

She continued to thank her husband, admitting her new daughter “struck gold” with her new dad before concluding: “Mother is a verb and if you do the verb you become the noun.” – Ellen Burstyn on adoption.”

Following two years of parenthood, Harriet shared an emotional speech during the 63rd TV Week Logie Awards touching on the juggle of career and family.

harriet dyer patrick brammall daughter
Harriet & the family celebrating Patrick’s birthday in 2023.

(Image: Instagram)

“We hear so much about mum guilt, but not so much dad guilt,” Harriet said.

“I wondered if I would feel that, because I’m not a natural mother, I’m an adoptive mother. But the feeling is still strong. I know so many mums who are scared to go back to work, but they can, because one day their kids will turn 18 and live a life of their own.

“I wanted anyone who might be at home checking the baby monitor or breastfeeding and wondering whether you can ever leave them, that it’s OK and they’ll be OK.”

The happy couple rarely share sweet family moments with the public, but when they do, we cherish every word and picture. Continue scrolling to see all of Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall’s family photos.

April 2024

In April 2024, fans were blessed with yet another adorable Patrick and Harriet photo.

(Image: Instagram)

March 2024

Harriet shared a casual tribute about her husband to celebrate his birthday which falls on March 30.

“Happy birthday to the big guy on campus. The eighth wonder of the world. Love you man,” she wrote.

Feb 2023

Joni, Patrick and their first child, Walter. Yes, Walter is a dog.

Jan 2023

Have you ever seen a bigger smile?

June 2022

The ultimate bull-pen for a Sunday afternoon.

June 2022

Stationed in America in 2022, Patrick celebrated his first Father’s Day with Joni.

“Cutest dad you’ll ever see and I won’t hear another word on it. Thank you for the mornings and the safety and the sweet, warm love. Joni Brammall is a lucky so and so. X,” she wrote on Instagram.

November 2021

When the baby drinks, so too does mum.

April 2021

Lovebirds Harriet and Patrick wed in 2021, just five days after Patrick proposed in Tampa.

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