Everything we know about season two of Harriet Dyer & Patrick Brammall’s Colin from Accounts

Gordon and Ashley are officially returning to our screens.
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Season two of the TV WEEK Logie award-winning series, Colin from Accounts with Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer is officially on its way to screens.

The romantic comedy follows the all-too relatable chaos of Ashley and Gorden, who return with more relationship mishaps.

Season two will open with the loved-up couple, Ash and Gorden living together while trying to get their beloved dog Colin back from his new owners.

The stars won big at the 63rd TV WEEK Logie Awards. (Image: Getty)

Joining Patrick and Harriet in the upcoming season are Emma Harvie; Genevieve Hegney; Michael Logo; Helen Thomson; Darren Gilshenan; Annie Maynard; and Tai Hara.

New cast members include Celeste Barber as Katie, Virginia Gay as Rumi, Justin Rosniak as Alistair, Lynne Porteous as Dawn and TV star John Howard as Brian who plays a crucial role Harriet says.

“We wanted that silverback gorilla quality. He’s got gravitas, he’s got height, he’s so smart,” she tells TV WEEK.

Patrick, co-creator also reveals they didn’t want to “repeat the hits” featured in the first season.

“We don’t want to stay safe. Because even though it’s comforting for a minute, you want to break new ground to keep giving people something new,” he says.

The series received the green light for a new season weeks after a highly decorated night, with Colin from Accounts taking home the award for Most Outstanding Comedy Program at the 63rd TV WEEK Logie Awards.

The couple also received personal accolades for the comedy, with Brammall being awarded the Silver Logie for Most Outstanding Actor and Dyer bringing home the Silver Logie for Most Outstanding Actress.

Production for season two wrapped earlier this year. (Image: Binge)

“It feels amazing! I’m in a bit of shock, but I’m really glad,” Harriet told TV WEEK following her win, adding that she had been “quietly hoping” to take home the prize.

At the time, the series was not renewed for a second season and was currently in limbo.

“If there’s not a season two after this, come on Binge,” joked Patrick.

“I think we’ll know pretty soon either way,” added Harriet, punctuating her response with a comically exaggerated wink.

The real-life couple play lovebirds Gordon and Ashley. (Image: Binge)

“I would’ve thought yes, but between the three of us, let’s call it a yes,” added Patrick.

A week later, Binge confirmed the new season.

Fans were delighted to celebrate the show’s wins, with many taking to social media to express their excitement.

Colin from Accounts– super well deserved. Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall turn everything into gold,” tweeted one fan.

“Can’t believe there’s only one season of Colin from Accounts. I need this in my life. Everybody does!” added another.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the next instalment of the romantic comedy. (Image: Binge)

Colin from Accounts was first released in December 2022, with the unique Australian romantic comedy following the blossoming romance between characters Gordon and Ashley, who are brought together by an unfortunate series of events.

The real-life married couple have joked about transforming the stories of their romance into screen, telling Now to Love, “We’ve stolen the way we have a shared frequency. We make each other laugh, and that’s what these characters definitely do.”

Fans won’t have to wait for the next instalment of Gordon and Ashley’s romance, as the highly anticipated season two of Colin from Accounts premieres on Binge on May 30 this year.

Want to catch up on all the action? Stream Colin from Accounts on Binge, live and on demand with a 7-day free trial. Start your free trial here.

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