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Is Benedict up next?
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The Ton is already desperate for a morsel of gossip about Bridgerton season 4 – even though season 3 has just swept us off our feet. And the question on everyone’s lips is: who will be taking the lead? While the book order no longer serves as a guide, fans are speculating which Bridgerton sibling’s love life will take centre stage.

From the scandals to the secrets, do not fret, dear readers. Here’s everything you need to know about Bridgerton season 4.

Colin and Penelope stand close, drinks in hand, gazing at something that looks to be quite delightful.
Everyone wants to know: Which Bridgerton sibling’s romance will bloom in season 4? (Image: Netflix)


Yes! Netflix renewed Bridgerton for season 3 and season 4 all the way back in 2021 when season 2 was being filmed. And plans haven’t changed – Nicola Coughlin recently confirmed that season 4 is still a go.


It’s still up in the air as to who the next season will be about. The cast, for one, has remained especially tight-lipped. And Netflix hasn’t announced the focus for season 4 either.

However, there were some clues in Colin and Penelope’s season that significantly point to the second-eldest Bridgerton taking the lead, Benedict.

Will Eloise or Benedict take the lead in Bridgerton season 4? (Image: Netflix)

For one, we learn in the final episode of season 3 that Eloise, played by Claudia Jessie, will be accompanying her newlywed sister Francesca (Hannah Dodd) and her husband John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin (Victor Alli) to Scotland. So despite chit-chat around Eloise taking the lead, it’s likely not going to happen in season 4.

And while the producers are clearly building up Francesca’s story, with the controversial introduction of Michaela Stirling (Masali Baduza), it seems more fitting that she will take the lead in season 5 or 6 at this point.


Benedict (Luke Thompson), on the other hand, seems perfectly ripe for season 4. Season 3 saw him exploring ‘infinite love’ and wondering what his true purpose is. It’s something he discusses with Eloise on the swings in season 3, saying, “It feels right now that the next thing I might learn may change me entirely.” Sounds pretty telling to us!

Luke Newton, who plays Colin Bridgerton, also alluded to the fact that Benedict’s story might take the lead in season 4 earlier this year. In an interview with  L’Beaute Homme, he said, “I love Benedict’s story, this season is very free and I think it’s a very nice place to be on the set. He is a free spirit and a kind of rebel. I can’t wait to see Benedict’s story next season.”

What does Benedict have to say? Well, when he was asked on The View in June, the Bridgerton star said, “The honest answer is ‘I don’t know’, but I know it’s so lovely [and] one of the best things about TV jobs is you get to really explore a character long-form like that and sort of fill him in slowly.”

He added that, “It’d be really great to dive in” but “We’ll have to wait and see.”

Eloise Bridgerton stands propped up against printing packages with her potential suitor.
Eloise Bridgerton would make a fantastic lead for season 4, but she’s moving to Scotland. (Image: Instagram)


Book four, titled Romancing Mister Bridgerton, details Colin and Penelope Featherington – the leads in season 3. The original book order had the second eldest Bridgerton brother Benedict’s romance take centre stage over its third installment entitled An Offer From a Gentleman.

With the popular Netflix series no longer following Julia Quinn’s original book series order, fans are left guessing and hoping for clues in season 3 of Bridgerton.


Showrunner Jess Brownell confirmed to Refinery29 that they were in the middle of writing Bridgerton season 4 in May 2024. She claims, “It’s some of my best work”.

Sadly though, Bridgerton fans are in for a long wait to judge that for themselves. A lengthy two-year wait, in fact. Apparently, it’s rather time-consuming to bring Regency-era dramas to life.

Jess told The Hollywood Reporter, “We are working to try and put the seasons out more quickly, but they do take eight months to film and then they have to be edited, and then they have to be dubbed into every language.

“And the writing takes a very long time as well, so we’re kind of on a two-year pace, we’re trying to speed up, but somewhere in that range.”

The Bridgerton siblings look less than pleased as mother Violet smiles at someone out of frame.
Bridgerton favourites Violet, Eloise, Anthony and Benedict will definitely be back for season 4. (Image: Netflix)


Netflix has yet to confirm the official Bridgerton season 4 cast. However, if the previous seasons are any indication, then fans will be happy to see a lot of familiar faces return. Nicola, for one, recently confirmed that she will be returning to season 4 alongside Luke, resuming their roles as Penny and Colin. The pair had some incredible chemistry on and off set, so it will be great to see them back in action in the fourth season.

In addition, characters like Benedict, Eloise, Francesca, Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh), Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel), Hyacinth (Florence Hunt) and Gregory (Will Tilston), who are central to the storyline, are sure to be regulars throughout the season.

Will Anthony and Kate be in season 4? In season 3, the lovebirds decided to go to India to have their Bridgerton baby. Some are speculating they’ll be back in season 4, baby in tow. But, no official announcements from Netflix or Jess, the showrunner, have been released, indicating what to expect from the pair next season.

Left up to the actors themselves, Simone Ashley (Kate) and Jonathan Bailey (Anthony), they’d absolutely return. They’re not ready to say goodbye to their characters just yet.

When asked if they’d be back for season 4 at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, Simone said, “I really hope so!

“Both Johnny and I, we adore our characters, Kate and Anthony, so much and their relationship and what they mean for the show,” she continued. “I think we’ll do all we can with our schedules to make it work so that we can, hopefully.”


Upon its release, season 4 will be available to stream on Netflix. In the meantime, Bridgerton fans can get their Regency-era romance fix by re-watching seasons one through three and Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, which are currently on the streaming platform.

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