Hannah Dodd is new to the ton and already stealing the Bridgerton spotlight as Francesca

But what do we know about her?
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Francesca Bridgerton blended into the background in the initial two seasons of the record-breaking Netflix series after only a few on-screen appearances. However, in the third season of Bridgerton fans will see the young woman begrudgingly walk into ‘the season’ to be courted.

When Francesca stole the attention of many in the Bridgerton season three trailer, people couldn’t help but wonder how actress Hannah Dodd slipped their minds?

Hannah plays Francesca in Bridgerton.
(Image: Instagram)

Thankfully, our memories remain somewhat in tack as the actress was actually replaced. A few episodes into season two the original star, Ruby Stokes disappeared due to commitments with another series. And so, Francesca was recasted with the lovely Hannah.

But what do we know about the newcomer on the set of Bridgerton season three? We’ve done some digging to answer all your burning questions regarding Hannah Dodd.

Where have you seen Hannah Dodd before?

The British actress isn’t in the beginning of her acting career, with Hannah portraying numerous side characters in big Hollywood films.

She also starred in Flowers in the Attic.
(Image: Instagram)

After finishing in acting school, she landed the lead role of Thea in Hulu’s Find Me In Paris series and then landed a recurring role in two seasons of the popular series Harlots.

Hannah, 28, made small appearances in Marvel’s Eternals and Fighting with my Family which starred Florence Pugh. She has additionally starred in Flowers in the Attic, Anatomy of a Scandal, and Enola Holmes 2.

Who is Hannah Dodd related to?

With Hannah signing up to play the sixth-oldest Bridgerton sibling, fans have become curious to her own family.

The 28-year-old grew up in Leavenheath, a village on the Essex-Suffolk border in England, with two siblings. Alice, who turned 31 in March, is currently located in Sydney Australia – should Aussie’s be on the lookout for Hannah?

She also has another sibling, Will, however there is not a lot of information regarding her brother.

Hannah with her siblings Alice and Will.
(Image: Instagram)

Who is Hannah Dodd dating?

Two years ago, it was reported Hannah captured the attention of actor Sam Fender. However, neither parties ever officially commented on the rumour.

“Sam thinks Hannah is absolutely stunning and has been liking her pictures like crazy, which is of course very flattering for her. She has also followed him back and they are getting on very well. It’s a case of watch this space,” a source informed The Sun.

As of 2024, it is believed the British actress is single.

Everything you need to know about Francesca Bridgerton’s storyline, spoilers included:

Fans – who haven’t read the Bridgerton books by Julia Quinn – have countless questions about Francesca’s storyline.

The sixth book, When He Was Wicked, is when we explore Francesca’s love story who was wed twice. Her first marriage was to John Stirling, the Earl of Kilmartin, who tragically and suddenly dies.

After his death, she seeks out her best friend and husband’s cousin, Michael Stirling – who has secretly harboured feelings for Francesca. Bonding in their grief, the pair eventually get marriage.

To purchase When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn on Booktopia by clicking here.

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