Colin From Accounts’ Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer celebrate their winning trifecta

'We can't believe it.'
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After just one season, Colin From Accounts has become the toast of Australian TV. Co-creators and stars Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall “can’t quite believe” their success, but know they didn’t do it alone.

The program won Most Outstanding Comedy Program, while both Harriet and Patrick have been awarded Most Outstanding Actress and Most Outstanding Actor.

“We hear so much about mum guilt, but not so much dad guilt.”

(Image: Yianni Aspradakis)

“We’re absolutely chuffed,” Patrick, 47, tells TV WEEK. “The feedback is amazing, but the peak for us was making the show and watching it come alive alongside an amazing team. This is gravy on top.”

During Harriet’s emotional speech, she touched on the pressures of being a working parent.

The married couple became adoptive parents to daughter Joni in 2021 and were in the throes of production for Colin From Accounts when she was four months old. The juggle was understandably difficult, but one they can be proud of.

“The peak for us was making the show.”

(Image: Yianni Aspradakis)

“We hear so much about mum guilt, but not so much dad guilt,” Harriet, 34, says.

“I wondered if I would feel that, because I’m not a natural mother, I’m an adoptive mother. But the feeling is still strong. I know so many mums who are scared to go back to work, but they can, because one day their kids will turn 18 and live a life of their own.

“I wanted anyone who might be at home checking the baby monitor or breastfeeding and wondering whether you can ever leave them, that it’s OK and they’ll be OK.”

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While they wait for a second season to be picked up (“We kept notes for future seasons so we have bunch of stuff to draw on,” Patrick says), the couple have prepared as best they can – including the negotiations with their furry co-star, the border terrier who plays Colin.

“Colin is taking it [fame] in his stride, although he wanted an appearance fee to attend the Logies,” Patrick jokes.

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