Praise Osher! The Bachelor Australia 2017’s air date has been confirmed

Roses at the ready: We finally know when Matty J will be back on our screens.
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It seems like a lifetime since Osher Günsberg was last in our living rooms, waving Richie Strahan and Alex Nation, then Georgia Love and Lee Elliot off into the sunset. So we’re more than ready for the 2017 instalment of The Bachelor Australia to kick off – and thankfully, we FINALLY have confirmation of when that’s going to be.

So far Channel TEN have teased us with first looks at Matty J’s bachelorettes and a steaming hot promo. There’s even been a nation-wide panic that the ending of The Bachelor 2017 has been ruined already.

But that all pales in comparison to this bombshell:

That’s right, The Bachelor Australia 2017 will be back in our lives, and we’ll get to meet the girls vying for Matty J’s heart, at on Wednesday, July 26.

And you think you’re excited? Just look at Matty J’s adorable reaction when he found out the news:

“This photo was taken just moments after I received a phone call, which confirmed I would be the next Bachelor. I have the same feeling now knowing my story will begin on Channel 10, Wednesday July 26… just a little excited!”

Same, Matty J. SAME.

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