Here's your first look at two of Matty J's Bachelorettes

All we can say is, Matty’s one lucky guy.

By NW team
We’re literally crossing off the days on our calendars until we get to see Matty J’s damn handsome face – and hot bod! - bless our television screens for season five of The Bachelor Australia.
Of course, with that comes meeting the bevvy of babes that want to snag the title of Matty’s missus.
We’re still struggling to come to terms with that fact it won’t be any of us.
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So while we might have to wait a little longer to meet all the ladies, we have been given a taste of what’s to come.
Meet the first two drop-dead gorgeous girls entering the Bachie mansion:

Tara, 27

Food-lover Tara just wants a chilled out guy.
Queensland babe Tara, 27, says she’s looking for a guy with a great personality, who’s super chilled out and loves food as much as she does!
There’s one problem though – while she’s hoping to leave a lasting impression on Matty, Tara’s struggles with her nerves and often speaks before she thinks.
Don’t worry girl, happens to the best of us!
We're guessing Tara likes what she sees.
Given she’s a nanny, Tara is obviously great with children, which would have to be a plus in family man Matty’s eyes.
“Kids get attracted to me, probably because I am a kid,” she says.
“And also because they can tell that I truly enjoy being around them.”

Leah, 24

This blonde bombshell is far from shy.
When describing Leah, shy definitely isn’t a word that comes to mind.
The bold, beautiful and bubbly architecture student from Victoria knows what she wants – which is Matty obviously! – and she isn't afraid to show it.
Not the hair, Leah!
Sending Matty into a spin as soon as she steps out of the limousine, the surprises don’t stop there with Leah, who we hear causes quite the stir once she meets her fellow Bachelorettes.
Bring on the drama…

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