Georgia Love gets real about beauty, her mum and Matty J as the new Bachelor

Yes, we love her even more now.

By Amber Elias
Georgia Love has had a tumultuous past six months, after finding love on The Bachelorette and the tragic death of her mum Belinda from pancreatic cancer, Georgia's 2017 is set to hit new heights.
We spoke to Georgia as the new face of Palmer's skincare about all things beauty, Bachie and whether she thinks Matty J is up to the job.

Tell us your skincare essentials.

I'm obsessed with face care. I think that's the one thing that, particularly as women, we like to think about. If we can do it from a young age and really look after our skin, than the older we get the younger we look. I've always really been into skincare and trying to find that happy medium between keeping my skin really fresh and clean while also being able to wear makeup and not break out.
My favourite face product at the moment is a serum. I was scared off by serum for years because I thought 'no, it's heavy, it's thick, it's oily, it's going to make me break out'. But it's the absolute opposite. It's really, really light, and since using this Palmer's Skin Perfecting Ultra Hydrating Serum, I've genuinely had people commenting to me 'what are you doing to your skin? It looks so much better'.
It just makes your skin dewy, gives your makeup a really good base, it soaks into your skin under your moisturiser and makes your moisturiser do a better job as well. It's great to use in the morning because it has retinol in it, so it makes your skin plumper also. The things you say you want your skin to look like, that's what it does.

What drew you to working with Palmer's Australia skincare?

I've actually used Palmer's cocoa butter for years and years; I can't even tell you how long I've been using that for. Palmer's actually came to me and asked if I would I be interested in starting a conversation. I've just found out more and more about their products and I think the brand and myself are a really good fit. We have the same values and we stand for the same things. I'm truly really excited to be working with them.

What did your mum teach you about beauty?

My mum was a massive sun lover, which I am as well, which is a huge, big no-no when it comes to skin but I've got that from her. I love being out in the sun. A massive tip she has passed down to me is just sunscreen – I would never go out in the fresh air at all without SPF on.
I have always admired and envied my mum because she had the most perfect eyebrows, and I've got these straight, boring eyebrows I have to shape into oblivion myself. She is definitely my eyebrow inspiration.

How do you think Matty J will go as the next Bachie?

He's so loveable, everybody fell in love with him watching The Bachelorette. He's got such a great personality, such a great character and he's fun to watch, so I think he's going to make such a great bachelor, and very different to any that we have seen before so I think it's really exciting to change it up a bit.

And your mum inspired your next career move. Tell us about that.

I am the ambassador for Pancare, which is the pancreatic cancer charity in Australia. I didn't know there was a specific foundation for pancreatic cancer at all until I was sitting in the hospital with my mum and I googled it. It was coming towards the end of The Bachelorette being on air and I knew I was going to be doing media interviews and I wanted to be able to talk about this.
I found out about Pancare, this little foundation that are really trying to pave the way and make their way in amongst all these really big charities and foundations. I contacted them and asked 'Can I do anything to help you?'. They were thrilled and I'm thrilled to be able to work with them.
It's obviously very, very bittersweet for me, it's something that I don't want to have to talk about and think about every day, but at the same time I don't want other people to know what it feels like to lose a loved one to pancreatic cancer. It's such a fast disease, such an insidious disease and I don't want anyone else to know what that feels like. I would rather put my personal feelings and hurt aside because I'm going to be feeling that everyday anyway and to be able to put my name to something to hopefully, in the long run, help get the survival rate of pancreatic cancer on the rise.

How do you stay fit and healthy?

My biggest fitness tip is to find a workout you really enjoy so you don't feel like it's a chore. If you hate going to the gym and running on a treadmill, don't do it because you're not going to want to and you're going to fall behind.
I've started doing Xtend Barre, which is ballet-inspired Pilates, and I love that so much. I'm working out way more than I ever did before because I look forward to going to the classes, rather than 'Uh I hate being at the gym'.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.