DEVO! Has the 2017 Bachelor finale already been ruined?

Well, there goes our plans for the next two months.

By Bella Brennan
The upcoming season of The Bachelor hasn't even hit our airwaves yet and already our hearts are breaking.
In news that's more shattering than Georgia Love's rejection of Matty J, a photo agency are shopping about a package claiming to feature images and videos from the grand finale and home visits.
Cue the whole nation blocking their ears and covering their eyes because we just can't deal with another Bachie being ruined after Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek were papped together just hours before the last episode aired in 2015.
Our favourite love guru and god of the Bachies, Osher Gunsberg, has spoken out about the thorny issue.
Speaking to his radio co-hosts, Stav, Abby and Matt, the TV host shared his wrath.
“The measures put in place to protect our finales are above and beyond what you’d expect," he said on the radio show.
“The things that go down on these [finale] trips away ... I’ve got to say, the actions of these photographers has been nothing short of dangerous.”
Adding, “They’re putting not only their lives — but the lives of cast and crew and strangers in danger, and it’s just the absolute worst.”
The beloved TV host also alluded to Network Ten having the financial capacity to rectify a spoiler issue.
“There are ways that Warner Bros and Channel Ten use to discourage this kind of photo being taken — and one of those is a financial one. but I’m not going to say anything else,” he said.
Check out the segment in the video below!
Channel Ten have since issued a statement on the potential spoiler explaining: “Media interest in The Bachelor Australia increases every year, which is testament to the enduring popularity of the show."
"While we cannot comment on speculative information that paparazzi might be trying to sell, it is a shame that their aim each season is to spoil the experience for viewers."
Matty J and his lucky ladies reportedly filmed the finale episode in the Gulf of Thailand this month and judging by the Bondi babe's beaming smile when he touched down in Sydney last week, he's found someone pretty special.

According to Fairfax, quite a kerfuffle broke out on the island after two paps were sprung in action.
The publication claims their shutterbugs were taken off them and totally wiped of the juicy images so perhaps there's hope for us yet.
Whatever happens, this season has already drummed up enough buzz to last a lifetime - from whispers Matty was unhappy with his Bachelorettes to claims he might even go home single.
As for what MJ is looking for in his chosen one?
He wants a woman who is “kind, intelligent and easygoing”, and who “shares his passion for the outdoors and the ocean."
God speed, son!