Coming up roses: Actual photos of Matty J arriving home after the Bachelor finale

A smile can say many things, but one thing's certain... It sure looks good on Matty J.

By Chloe Lal
Fans have never been more invested in one man's quest for love.
From the very moment Matty J was announced as the 2017 Bachelor, the nation has awaited on tenterhooks hoping the wavy-haired Bondi babe finds the gal for him.
But in the words of our spiritual adviser, Ronan Keating, "Life is a rollercoaster, you just gotta ride it."
And boy, did the latest season prove to be filled with drama, drama, drama.
Granted we're still anxiously waiting to actually watch the show...
This week, Matthew Johnson was spotted arriving home after filming the finale (in a no doubt stunning exotic destination) and guys, our babe is SMILING.
Rocking a sun-kissed complexion, a denim jacket, skinny black jeans and one hell of a grin, the reality star looked pretty chuffed as he made his way back to his Sydney home.
Is that what we think we're seeing... That's not a yawn or a look of boredom.
A man in love? My dear friends that is a grin and a half, if we've ever seen one.
Love is contagious... and even the Bachie's cabbie is feeling the joy.
For a show that hasn't even aired, there has been a whole lotta chatter, and we're not too sure we like what we're hearing.
Apparently, our favourite main squeeze has had difficulty gelling with his bevy of beauties.
But the die has been cast and the show has wrapped up. And until we have an official air date, MJ and his chosen one now have the fun task of keeping their lips sealed for the next few months.
Watch why we all want him to find love... Matty J breaks our heart talking about being dumped by Georgia Love
When one door closes... He failed to win over The Bachelorette’s Georgia Love last year.
And it seems things may have worked out...
Woman's Day had previously reported that the 30-year-old was "struggling to find The One".
“Bachelor Matty is very unhappy with the selection of girls cast for his series,” an insider had revealed.
Meanwhile, eagled-eyed fans of the show have noticed the production for this year’s series is running behind schedule compared to previous years.
Adding weight to the murmurs, Matty made the unusual move of taking a mid-season sabbatical in April.
He reportedly told producers he was “unhappy” with the female contestants, who include personal trainer Elora Murger and jewellery designer Laura Byrne.
Home sweet home.
Seems like Matty's cabbie has fallen under his spell.
I solemnly swear that I will not spoil the show!
So what is the illusive Matty J after?
According to Ten, he's looking for someone who is “kind, intelligent and easygoing”, and who “shares his passion for the outdoors and the ocean”.
As one of five siblings, he’s on the hunt for someone who wants a family, too. “I’m so excited about the prospect of settling down."
“Timing is such a crucial factor when it comes to making this commitment and I know wholeheartedly that there’s nothing I want more,” he’s said.
^ if you're still looking we're right here
In an uncharacteristic move, Ten released a statement about MJ's search for love.
“With 22 of Australia's most eligible Bachelorettes vying for his affection, Matty J is excited to meet his perfect match."
"Strong chemistry is already developing with some Bachelorettes and viewers will be excited to watch his genuine romance blossom later this year."
The newest Bachie has certainly joined the show for all the right reasons and with an open heart.
“I feel so privileged that I’ve been given the opportunity to be The Bachelor,” he said.
“Without question, the most exciting part is the chance to meet the girl I’m going to spend the rest of my life with."
Back in Sydney.
Has he found his one true love?
The one thing we know for sure is you never know anything when it comes to the Bachelor.
Much like most episodes of Game of Thrones, The Bachelor ADORES pulling the carpet from under us.
We still need counseling over the fiasco of 2016 when Nikki Gogan didn't find love... And then there's the entire pool of crazy when it comes to season two's Blake Garvey.
What we can count on is that we'll be doing our stretches and we WILL be ready for this undoubtedly crazy ride with Matty as he (fingers-crossed) finds his lobster.
With success stories like Tim and Anna plus Sam and Snez (sorry Alex and Richie - we need more convincing), we think he's in for a real good chance.
There's just no way this guy is going home emptyhanded...
We can't wait for the show to air later this year! Pic Credit: Diimex