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Nikki Gogan is a real-life wonderwoman as she talks about life post-Bachie

The 30-year-old is finally addressing the elephant in the room... And we're not talking about the Richie and Alex debacle.

By Chloe Lal
In Australia's very own annus horribilis, last year Richie Strahan decided to leave the effervescent Nikki Gogan for Alex Nation...
Clearly a decision working out with varying results for the former Bachelor.
But the all-round good human is speaking out about her life after the show and why she's A-OK with not being The Bachelorette.
We don't know how anyone obtained this footage of us...
But then you realise Channel Ten have delivered some of the biggest emotional blows...
Chatting to news.com, the real estate agent explained she was faced with a choice between a career or starring as the 2017 The Bachelorette - which ultimately went to Sophie Monk.
“You sort of have forks in the road. You’ve got different choices to make and you’re weighing them all up,” she explained, adding she just started a new job at Caporn Young in Fremantle, WA, this week.
“For lifelong fulfillment, for me, this was the better option. I thought long and hard about my aims and I know how much I love my real estate career. It’s the path I’ll be most proud of," the blonde beauty added.
What if Nikki was a guest intruder on the next season and she could also find love??

Some have speculated that Ten went for Sophie as she'd bring in "better ratings."
But the ever humble Nikki has defended the network.
“I think that with all my dealings with Warner Bros. or Channel Ten, they were always very respectful,” she remarked.
“They were always aware of my feelings and how I felt. At no point do I think anyone jumped the gun. They were always very respectful.”
Things have been a little "tense" for Alex and Richie and reminds us of this sound piece of advice...
Richie if you listened to Snowy, you'd be dancing into your happily ever after!
In April, Sophie Monk was announced as the next Bachie queen but according to the Perth beauty there was no crossover between them.
“There was no crossover, there were no hard feelings or missing out,” she said, adding, “And Sophie is a wonderful choice. And funny.”
Many contestants on reality TV shows hope and try very hard to remain in the limelight.
But Nikki has kept relatively to herself... because she genuinely wanted to find love.

^While Nikki has no desire to share her love of commercial burgers...

^She will do a hella good shout out for family times with a side of Mr Whippy!
The former reality star admitted she's quite reluctant to pursue a career in front of the camera, confessing, “15 minutes is good for me."
“I think that moving forward, I really can’t wait (for a time when) my career is the thing that I’m recognised for and I really want to be known for that."
"I look forward to the day that I’m recognised for my career rather than a TV show. That was a small period of time."
Nikki's focus is her family, friends and career.
Nikki has such genuine nature - something that fans of The Bachelor fell for.
Following the finale, NTL chatted to Nikki about her thoughts on putting herself out there again to find love.
At the time she told us, "Ummm, I don’t know? I’m sorry! I really don’t know."
"Especially with everything that has happened. I’m just not at the point to really think about it just yet."

Seven months on, Nikki is still happily single.
“I’m gonna ease myself into it one day. One day. Not one day soon,” she quipped.
“Everyone goes through breakups. It’s just that mine was more public."
Adding, “But in everyday life I wouldn’t say my heartbreak was worse than anyone’s, so I just try and get on with it.”

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