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The Masked Singer Australia’s 2021 winner has been announced! It’s Anastacia under the Vampire mask

What an explosive finale!
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We have a winner! After a spectacular finale, Vampire has been crowned the winner of The Masked Singer Australia for 2021.

After being named the winner, she finally popped off her head to reveal her identity…

And just as fans had guessed, it was American singer Anastacia!

The only judges who managed to guess her identity were Dannii Minogue and Jackie O, with the other judges bombing out with guesses like Shakira and Cheryl Crowe.

After crowning her the winner, Osher asked what convinced Anastacia to come on the show all the way from the US.

“I was actually asking myself that question when I saw the costume for the first time, I was terrified to be the Vampire!” the songstress joked.

As for fans figuring out her identity, Anastacia said that it was her rendition of a Bonnie Tyler song that truly revealed her identity, because she really let her iconic vocal style shine.

She then touched on the state of the music industry around the world, which has been almost “completely frozen” by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though she said she understands why things needed to shut down, because she wants to keep people safe, she confessed that she really misses performing.

“I miss my job! I really miss singing,” she said, adding that she loved being on the show before finally holding the trophy aloft.

All bets were on Vampire to take out the top spot on The Masked Singer in the leadup to the finale, with betting sites Sportsbet and TAB both showing the spooky contestant as the likely winner.

Dolly was expected to place second, while Mullet had the least impressive odds and was slated to follow in third place – and that’s exactly how it played out.

Some fabs thought Kebab should have made it to the finale over Mullet.


First, Axle Whitehead was revealed to be Mullet, then Em Rusciano was unmasked as Dolly before Vampire finally revealed her identity.

Some fans thought that Kebab, who was revealed to be none other than Australia’s Got Talent alum Jack Vidgen, had a chance at the title, but he was eliminated in the penultimate episode.

That decision caused some controversy, as many fans felt that his performance was stronger than Mullet’s in the episode – but sadly he was booted.

There were a real mix of celebrities on the 2021 season of the show, including everyone from UK actor Vinnie Jones, to US songstress Macy Gray, and even Alli Simpson, sister to season one winner Cody Simpson.

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Aussie singer Ben Lee made an appearance in the Professor mask and he told TV WEEK about his reaction when fans started guessing his identity.

“On one hand it’s sort of a bummer that they figured it out so quickly,” he said.

“But on the other you’re like ‘hang on, I’ve spent 30 years trying to get people to listen to my voice, its actually quite flattering if they recognise it!'”

Here’s hoping Anastacia felt the same way about fans guessing her identity – and congratulations to her on the big win!

Vampire seemed to be the clear winner going into the finale.


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