The Masked Singer

Has one contestant from The Masked Singer been unmasked already in a shocking blunder?

Oh. My. God.

By Chanelle Mansour
A new trailer has just dropped for The Masker Singer Australia, but did the show just accidentally unmask one of its contestants?
The latest clip from the upcoming season of the singing competition features a shocking on-stage blunder from Mullet, who loses their mask in front of everyone.
Their huge fish head popped off on the stage, forcing the performer to drop down and frantically hide their face.
But did we actually gt a glimpse of who is hiding under that Mullet mask?
Mullet's head comes off in the newest trailer. (Ten)
The blunder took the judges completely by surprise, with Dave Hughes and Dannii Minogue gasping in total shock.
After the Mullet finished their performance, they fell down on stage and the head of their costume completely fell off, revealing dark brown hair underneath.
Host Osher Günsberg rushed over to help hide the singer, and by some miracle, the celebrity managed to save their identity.
"I did not see a head at all you turned into a tortoise real quick," Dave said.
The blunder sent fans into an absolute frenzy, with many taking to the comments under the clip to guess the identity of the character.
"Mullet is Dipper surely," one viewer wrote on Twitter.
"I think Mullet is Dave O'Neil, no idea why I think this but I do," another tweeted.
Meanwhile, another suggested: "The fish [Mullet] is Jimmy Barnes."
Dannii was left speechless by the moment. (Ten)
Despite all the speculation, as anyone who watched the show knows, you can never be sure who is singing until the mask comes off.
What we do know is that Osher has returned as this year's host, while Dannii and Dave will be joined by Urzila Carlson and Jackie O on the judging panel.
This season will also feature a virtual studio audience, though details of exactly what that will look like aren't clear yet.
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